The media learned about the plans of the Syrian army to advance to the “capital” of the IG

The Syrian government army is going to come into the province of raqqa, where is the main stronghold of the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. About it reports Reuters with a reference to a military source familiar with the situation.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the corresponding operation has been going on for several days. In the last two days, the army managed to establish control over the areas on the border of Raqqa and Hama that were controlled by the militants.

“This suggests that further operations will be carried out in the direction of Raqqa. Overall, the front in this direction is open,” he said. According to him, it is possible to advance from the district air base Tabka, which the militants seized in August last year. Now government forces are within 25 kilometres of her.

According to Reuters, Damascus actually had no presence in raqqa since August 2014. Its Central city of ar Raqqah is in fact the “capital” of ISIS. According to Reuters, the attack in the area would help the Syrian government to impede the attempt by Saudi Arabia to send to the region ground forces.