The Syrian opposition acknowledged the receipt of a large batch of rockets from abroad

As reported by Reuters two field commanders of the opposition to Bashar al-Assad gangs, after the attack the government army, cut the road linking Aleppo with the Turkish border, they received a “large number” of missiles “ground – ground”. According to them, the weapons come from “foreign enemies of the Syrian President.”

According to the source Agency, we are talking about the rockets flight range of about 20 kilometers.

“It’s a great help,” said the source to Reuters, who declined to give his name. The second interviewee indicated that the missiles will inflict painful blows on positions of the governmental army.

Previously, the rebels have already admitted that he received weapons from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as training of specialists from the CIA. The aim of the latest offensive by Syrian government army near Aleppo was just the overlapping of channels of receipt of weapons from the Turkish border.

A delivery message of the missiles was said against the decision of the ceasefire, to promote the observance of which was agreed between the U.S. and Russia at a meeting in the framework of the Munich security conference on February 12.

In the early months of the Syrian government army broke through the defensive line of the rebels North of Aleppo, resulting in the second largest city of Syria was effectively blocked from the North.