The U.S. strengthened the air defense of South Korea missile systems from Texas

The US deployed in South Korea three additional anti-aircraft missile complex Patriot in response to heightened activity of North Korea in the missile area, reports Yonhap. According to the Agency, anti-aircraft missiles were deployed to the Korean Peninsula from Texas.

According to representatives of military command of U.S. forces in South Korea, the placement of ADMS on the basis of the aggregation you can intercept North Korean rockets of small and average unclear.

Earlier it was reported that Seoul and Washington agreed to start negotiations on placing in the territory of South Korea advanced American missile defense system THAAD to defend the country in connection with the increased missile activity in neighbouring North Korea. It was noted that against the deployment on the Korean Peninsula these missile defense systems are China and Russia.

“The United States and the Republic of Korea agreed to start formal negotiations on the possibility of deployment of U.S. forces in Korea THAAD systems to improve the efficiency ABOUT the us-Korean Alliance in response to growing threats from North Korea,” said on 7 February the Deputy Minister of defence of the Republic of Korea Yoo Jae song during a joint press conference with U.S. Lieutenant General Thomas Vandal, who heads the command of the U.S. contingent in South Korea.