AvtoVAZ launches sales of LADA XRay

SAMARA, February 14. AvtoVAZ starts sales of the new model – LADA XRay in Russia. Sales will begin 124 dealership in 57 cities at exactly 11 o’clock local time in each region, which he entered new.

“The planned two scenarios of sales of LADA XRay: pessimistic – about 16 to 20 thousand cars, and optimistic – about 25 thousand”, – reported in a press-service of the automobile.

While LADA XRay is only available on the Russian market, but already in the spring can begin export of this model in Hungary. It is not excluded that together with LADA Vesta (another novelty of “AVTOVAZ”, went on sale in November 2015) XRay this year will focus on the Egyptian market. Previously talked about plans to put the XRay factory in Italy, Germany and the Middle East.

According to AVTOVAZ, XRay can be a competitor for models such as the hatchback KIA Rio, Hyundai Solaris, Renault Sandero Stepway.

Pictures known

“AvtoVAZ” January 28 officially announced prices and equipment XRay. The cheapest version will cost the Russian buyer in 589 thousand, the most expensive – 723 thousand rubles In the basic package under the name Optima (motor LADA 1.6 l, 106 HP, MCP) includes two front airbags, electronic stability control ESC (includes ABS and traction control system), the system of assistance in moving on the rise, audio system, emergency alert system ERA-GLONASS and other options.

XRay, equipped with more powerful engine of 1.6 liters (110 HP) additional equipment Comfort package that includes heated front seats, air conditioning and a cooled glove box, available for 628 thousand rubles. the same car equipped with the flagship LADA engine of 1.8 (122 HP) and automatic transmission AMT, would cost 653 thousand rubles.

The cost of a more comfortable car in the Top version, equipped with engine capacity of 1.6 liters with 110 HP and manual gearbox, starts with 668 thousand rubles.

For flagship XRay offered the Prestige package, which includes heated windshield, a rear view camera, climate control, light and rain sensors and a reinforced tinted glass. The cost of such a vehicle equipped with the engine 1.6 and a manual gearbox, will reach 698 thousand rubles, LADA engine 1.8 and AMT – 723 thousand rubles.

Prices and specifications XRay for the export market, AVTOVAZ has not disclosed.

European level and ease of operation

Serial production of LADA XRay started at AVTOVAZ December 15, 2015. XRay – high compact hatchback, made in the style of SUV’s. The model was created in the framework of cooperation of “AVTOVAZ” with the Alliance ‘Renault Nissan. For new items we developed more than 500 original parts. The car has become the second production model after the LADA Vesta, made in the new corporate X-style.

As previously reported to journalists by the Director of the project LADA XRay Oleg Grunenkov, in 2016, AVTOVAZ plans to produce more than 20 thousand XRay, although potentially Assembly line allows to produce up to 60 thousand cars.

Despite these plans and the start of sales of the advertising campaign LADA XRay not started neither in Russia nor abroad. However, AVTOVAZ is actively working on promotion of innovations in Russia through various automotive websites and specialized autoitalia.

LADA XRay enters the market after less than three months after the start of sales of LADA Vesta, which started on 24 November 2015. According to AVTOVAZ, for the last two months, including the traditionally the most active sales month – January, we sold around 4.5 million Vesta.