Damascus announced the invasion of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries to Syria

Across the border from Turkey into Syria was a convoy of 12 pickup trucks with machine guns, which were about 100 armed fighters, according to the Agency SANA with reference to the statement by Syrian foreign Ministry.

The report did not provide more detailed information about the route of the column, only that among the men who allegedly were soldiers of the Turkish army and mercenaries. The foreign Ministry condemned the shelling Syrian territory from Turkey.

As previously posted , Sunday, 14 February, Turkish artillery again bombed Northern Syria. In the artillery attack which was conducted from Turkish territory, killing two Kurdish activist organization “people’s defence Units”. Shelling the positions of the Kurds, Ankara is trying to put pressure on “people’s defence Units” to those cleared busy this week, areas North of Aleppo, including a military air base Manag.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Saturday said that Kurdish militias are a threat to the border areas. One of the leaders of the Kurds, Saleh Muslim, categorically rejected the ultimatum, noting that the liberated base Manag previously controlled terrorist organization “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”.