Kiev warned of plans to prevent Russia from “just” to carry goods in the EU

Russia will not allow “just” to carry out the transit through the territory of Ukraine in the EU, the question of the blockade of Russian trucks will be dealt with in accordance with international law and the interests of Kiev, said foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on air of TV channel “inter”.

“Every aspect should be considered separately, honestly, on the basis of the rules of international law. We are a legal state, and as Russia, to act will not, but at the same time our interests will be taken care of. And just to make through Ukraine transit to the EU, Russia will be able”, — quotes the Minister “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The problem of missing trucks are a lot of nuances, he said: “There is the question of transit to the European Union. There is the question of transit to Moldova, because Moldova has its own enterprises in Russia”. Klimkin stressed that the Ukrainian government will consider the issue of blocking the car Russian activists on Monday. “Will definitely find a solution”, — the Minister promised.

Messages about blocking Russian trucks Ukrainian activists started to arrive on Friday, February 12. February 14, blockade spread to the entire Western border of Ukraine — Volyn, Lviv and Transcarpathian region, as well as in Zhytomyr region. Activists are on duty not only on the roads in Slovakia, but also on routes linking Ukraine with Belarus.

In response to this, Russia has temporarily suspended the movement of trucks registered in Ukraine, on its territory. Such a measure would be saved “before the settlement of the Ukrainian side the situation with the unlawful blocking of the Russian freight motor transport means on the territory of Ukraine”, emphasized in the Ministry of transport. The Ministry added that the actions of the participants of the blockade violate the Russian-Ukrainian agreement on international road transport, according to which “the parties shall ensure the possibility of transit through their territories”.

Kiev has already started the technical consultations on this issue with representatives of the European Commission and EU members. The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine initiated holding of daily meetings of the operational staff response to the situation.