Media reported about the shooting of the Turkish and Syrian forces in Northern Syria

Turkish troops on Saturday, February 13, fired on Syrian government forces, according to Turkish state Anadolu news Agency citing a source in the defense Ministry

According to the source, Turkish forces opened fire in response to mortar fire by the Syrian army. The source said that Syrian forces fired on Turkish police in the bordering Northern part of Syria the province of Hatay. What was the response of the Turkish military, the interlocutor of Agency told.

According to the military source, quoted by RIA Novosti, Turkish artillery opened fire on positions of the Syrian army in the mountains of alia, in the Northwest province of Latakia.

Earlier on Saturday it became known that the Turkish army fired on the positions of the Kurds in Northern Syria near the town of Azaz. The Syrian center of monitoring of observance of human rights reported that we are talking about the airbase, which was recently liberated from the insurgents, representatives of the Kurdish organization “people’s defence Units”, which supports Democratic Union of Syrian Kurds. The representative of the Kurds was said to the Agency Reuters, that the group “Jaysh al-Towar”, which also supports the “Democratic Union”.

Later the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed the fact of shelling Kurdish positions, called “Democratic Union” to immediately leave the occupied territory near the town of Azaz and stated that Turkey would continue to answer every move of the Syrian Kurds.