Medvedev offered the West to give the exact date of the lifting of sanctions

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in interview to TV channel Euronews has declared that sanctions against Russia did not bring the result, and therefore Western countries need to “summon the courage” and to name the date of cancellation. Full text of the interview published on the website of the Russian government.

“No, we invented it, not us start to cancel. We were continually threatened with sanctions, these sanctions were imposed during the Soviet period many times. Never to anything that did not lead, only money lost. And now will be the same. We must have the courage and say: you know, guys, all we conclude here with such and such a date, we ask you response to suspend. That would be the right approach,” he said.

Medvedev suggested it, answering a question about how the priority for the Russian government’s task is to achieve the lifting of sanctions. The Prime Minister said that trade turnover of Russia with the European Union before the sanctions amounted to €450 billion “450 billion euros! And now 217. You should ask the people who are in the European Union various products for Russia, made, that work at the companies, they don’t like?”, the Prime Minister said.

To the question about possible social unrest because of economic hardship, one of a result of the sanctions, Medvedev said that the government will fulfill its social obligations. “I’ll tell you straight: a lot of things we had to cut in the budget, but we didn’t touch social spending, we did not touch public sector wages and benefits. Moreover, we have adjusted pensions for inflation in the past year, and this year, maybe not completely, but has indexed. We will try to do it this way,” he said.

In an interview, Medvedev also repeated the main theses of the speech at the security conference in Munich.