Saudi Arabia made a forced overthrow of Assad

According to the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad “weak”, and somehow it needs to go. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom allowed to use force to overthrow Assad, if this is not achieved by political means.

“I believe Bashar Assad is weak, he’s finished <…>. Assad will go, I don’t doubt it. Or he will go into the political process, or will be overthrown by force,” said al-Jubayr in interview of si-EN-EN.

According to him, Saudi Arabia is ready to send in troops to Syria on terrestrial operations, but only as part of the US-led coalition. Al-Jubayr noted that Riyadh will be struggling to promote a political settlement, but, if it fails, the responsibility will lie on the Syrian authorities and their allies. And, if that happens, “it will become clear that there are no more other ways to overthrow Assad by force,” said the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, al-Jubayr has said that Saudi Arabia is ready to send to Syria armed special forces groups to participate in antiterroristicheskoy operations. A statement of willingness to participate in ground operations in Syria by and the United Arab Emirates. In both countries mentioned that will go for it only if you support the US-led coalition, which operates in Syria

The U.S. Secretary of defense ash Carter on Friday, February 12, made a statement regarding the coordination of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He admitted that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi will send the special forces to help to repel ISIS in Raqqa. On Saturday, Turkey’s foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Saudi Arabia has written to the Turkish base at Incirlik ground forces and fighter jets in anticipation of a possible ground invasion in Syria.

Later Advisor to the Minister of defense of Saudi Arabia General Ahmad Asiri aired by Al-Arabia said that military aircraft of the Kingdom is placed at the airbase in Turkey. He said that the deployment of Saudi aviation in Turkey takes place in the framework of the antiterrorist coalition.

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, speaking Saturday at the security conference in Munich, said that while violation of the truce in Syria, agreed upon by the parties to the international negotiations on 12 February, the international community will take action. In particular, according to him, Syria will be contingent “of additional ground forces.” Soldiers from which countries will be sent to Syria, Kerry said.