The foreign office called “call to Putin” is sufficient to stop the war in Syria

The British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said what the only person in the world who could stop the civil war in Syria is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to Hammond, for the solution of the Syrian conflict rather “one phone call” from Putin.

“There is one person on the planet who can put an end to the civil war in Syria, making a phone call, and it is Mr. Putin,” quoted The Independent politics of the word from an interview bi-Bi-si. “Assad will leave, or will remain, ultimately depends on whether Russia is ready to use its influence to remove him from power”, — explained his idea to the Minister.

Hammond also urged Russia to halt the airstrikes on Syria. “Russia produces a merciless air attack, increasing the intensity of strikes in recent weeks, and because of this, they [Syrian opposition forces] had to leave some of their positions,” — said the head of the British foreign Ministry.

In his slovam, despite this, Damascus has neither the power nor the organizational resources to take these areas under its control. “So the situation is in some ways dead-end,” concluded the Minister.