The government set a maximum price of hotels for the 2018 world Cup

The Russian government has set the maximum cost of hotel services in the regions, where will be held the matches of the FIFA world Cup 2018 and FIFA confederations Cup 2017. The corresponding decree published on the government website.

In the materials to the regulation States that the maximum price of accommodation in hotels was calculated based on the average cost of hotel services in the territory of the region in 2015, the indicators of expected inflation rate and “coefficient reflecting the increasing demand for the provision of hotel services during the spectacular events”.

The matches of the FIFA world Cup 2018 will be held in 11 regions.

According to the resolution, in Moscow the marginal cost of the most expensive apartments of a class “Suite” in five star hotels during its holding should not exceed 650 thousand rubles per day. The cheapest rooms in hotels “without stars” — will cost the biggest in 6 970 thousand to 3 thousand 480 rbl.

In St. Petersburg accommodation in the apartment “Suite” of five-star hotels should cost up to 700 thousand rubles per day. Room “besposchadnyj” hotels — up to 7 thousand rubles.

In other regions prices are set much lower. So, in Mordovia, the maximum cost of accommodation in the rooms “Suite” of five-star hotels should not be more than 264 thousand rubles per day. The marginal price of apartments in the Goodies “without stars” set at the level of 5 thousand 580 roubles to 2 thousand 610 rubles.

In Tatarstan the highest price for living in the most expensive apartment will be 85 thousand rubles in the cheapest — from 6 thousand 80 rbl. to 3 thousand 400 roubles In the Volgograd region the spread of established prices for accommodation in hotels ranged from 45 thousand rbl. to 3 thousand 200 rubles In the Sverdlovsk region — from 47 thousand rbl. to 4 thousand 510 rbl. the Kaliningrad region — from 57 thousand 510 rbl. to 2 thousand 400 rubles In the Nizhny Novgorod region — from 70 687 thousand rubles. to 7 360 thousand rubles In the Rostov region — from 52 thousand 290 roubles to 2 thousand 440 rbl., In Samara region from 75 thousand 310 thousand rubles up to 6 270 RUB.

The world Cup will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.