The President of Finland Russia has warned of a possible influx of refugees

According to the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, Russia risks to face the influx of refugees, if Turkey would close their borders.

“If Turkey closes its border or the border with the EU for refugees, the uncontrolled flow of migrants is formed in a different place. And in this sense, Russia can become a kind of second Turkey,” — said Niinistö Finnish edition of MTV News.

The President noted that if the largest stream of refugees moved from the Balkans to Russia, the pressure will increase in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. “It is certainly possible. Quite a lot now depends on Russia’s behavior,” said Niinistö

Earlier, on February 12, Niinistö in the framework of the Munich security conference met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and discussed with him the immigration crisis. The Finnish President noted that in Finland drew attention to an interview with the head of the Russian government, which he gave to the German newspaper Handelsblatt ahead of the visit to Munich.

“You’re probably right in what you said in the interview, drew attention to the situation in Europe, irregular migration, human smuggling and so on. And we, in General, could not help but notice the similar phenomena are observed along the common border between Finland and Russia”, — said the Finnish President.

Medvedev in turn said that the EU migration policy in recent years cannot be considered satisfactory, which creates problems both in Germany and in Finland and Russia. According to him, to solve the migration “to try to eliminate the reasons that created such a powerful wave” of migrants. “But we have applied our Russian-Finnish aspect”, — said Medvedev.

Increased in the summer of 2015 the flow of refugees from the Middle East via Turkey to Europe has forced the EU to offer Ankara financial assistance and to continue the talks on accession to the European Union. Currently in Turkey there are 2.5 million Syrian refugees.

The EU insists that Ankara has fulfilled the undertaken in November 2015, the obligation to stop the flow of refugees to Europe. According to the Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, Ankara has already spent $10 billion on the maintenance of refugees in camps, and the total cost of the reception can be twice as high. In the beginning of 2016 EU Turkey has allocated €1 billion for assistance in the reception of migrants, Ankara considers the money as a down payment, hoping that financial aid will not end. The total amount of funds in the Fund shall be €3 billion.