The Russian blockade of trucks spread throughout Western border of Ukraine

As reports TV channel “112”, activists of various Ukrainian organizations blocked the passage of trucks with Russian numbers in three regions of Western Ukraine: Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattya. On duty with the nationalists not only on the roads in Slovakia, but also on routes linking Ukraine with Belarus.

Last Friday the government of Ukraine instructed till 15 February to work out a solution regarding the situation with the blocking of Russian trucks. Trying to resolve this issue and the Ministry of transport of Russia.

The problem with the Russian trucks appeared on the morning of 12 February. Groups of activists from nationalist organizations blocked seven trucks on the border of the Transcarpathian and Lviv regions. The campaign has resulted in the end in both parties couldn’t pass the trucks with the numbers of the EU countries.

Involvement in the blocking of trucks recognized the nationalist party “Freedom” and banned in Russia as extremist movement “Right sector”.

The nationalists explained that he decided to organize this action, since the Russian trucks were more likely to choose the route of travel through Western Ukraine after Poland and Russia are unable to extend the agreement on cargo transportation.

The Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal as a solution to the problems with the truck and asked the government to officially ban the entry of Russian trucks into Ukrainian territory.