The Ukrainian Uniates have accused the Russian Orthodox Church in the politicization of the meeting of Patriarch and Pope

In the statement of the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav suggests that joint Declaration, signed by Cyril and Francis following the meeting in Havana, was created under the influence of the Department for external Church relations of the ROC. Sviatoslav explains that the Pontifical Council for promoting Christian unity “not afford” the creation of public-policy document, “which gave an opportunity for the Moscow Patriarchate”.

According to Sviatoslav, Patriarch and Pope set himself different tasks. “Francis experienced this meeting as a spiritual event, and Patriarch Kirill interested in pure politics.”

“With our years of experience we can say: when the Vatican and Moscow are organizing meetings or sign any General texts, then we should expect nothing good,” – wrote Sviatoslav.

Commenting on the part of the joint statement that Ukraine, the head of the Greek Catholic Church questioned mentioned the term “conflict”. “Well-known is the fact that if on Ukrainian soil from Russia was not the soldiers arrived but not delivered heavy weapons, if the Russian Orthodox Church was not consecrated by the idea of “Russian world”, and the transfer of control of Ukraine over its own borders, neither the annexation of Crimea or the war would not have happened”, – says Svyatoslav.

According to the head of the UGCC, the Uniates now await a response from the Nuncio (Ambassador) of Vatican in Ukraine and clarification “dark places” in the document.

The first ever meeting of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis was held in the international airport Jose Marti in Havana. According to its results, a joint statement was adopted, which including calling on all parties to the conflict in Ukraine “to prudence, social solidarity and active peace-building”. Also included in the Declaration was a call to overcome the Church schism in Ukraine.