Trump defended Russian policy in Syria at the debate in South Carolina

About Russia during the debate, decided to speak brother of the former U.S. President George Jeb Bush, Fox News reports. He recalled past statements of trump, in which he justified Russia’s actions in Syria. “It is absolutely absurd to suggest that Russia could be our reliable partner,” Bush said. “I have just one thing to say. Jeb is absolutely wrong,” responded trump.

The last statement of the applicant caused the unhappy buzz among the audience, which trump immediately blamed that they are lobbying the interests of Bush.

In the future, trump constantly reminded Jeb Bush on presidency of his brother. He reminded of the Washington administration lie about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. “The war in Iraq has destabilized the entire middle East,” he added. Regarding the terrorist attacks on the U.S. in 2001, trump called it miscalculation of George Bush. “We all make mistakes, but the war in Iraq was simply a blatant mistake,” he said.

“I’m tired of trump constantly insults my family. When trump was engaged in the creation of reality shows, my father created a system that has made our lives safe. And my mother Barbara is the strongest woman I know”, “Here she stands”, responded trump.

During the debate, trump has managed to compete with other candidates. He interrupted Ted Cruz and called him a liar. As a result, one of the participants of the debate John Kasich urged the participants of the debate to remain calm. “If we constantly attack each other, you will eventually lose the election of Hillary Clinton (the candidate of the Democratic party)”, he said.