Turkey vowed “to avenge every step” of the Syrian Kurds

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed that Turkish forces on Saturday, 13 February, attacked the positions of the Kurds in Northern Syria, and promised that Ankara will continue each time to respond to the actions of the Kurds in Syria, reports Reuters.

He also demanded that “Democratic Union” was released recently captured territory. “We will avenge each of them [Syrian Kurds],” said davuto─člu, live Turkish TV.

“Democratic Union” immediately leave Azaz and its environs and will not approach him,” said Davutoglu.

That Turkey struck positions of the Kurds in Northern Syria near the town of Azaz became known on the evening of 13 February. This was reported by Reuters a source in the Turkish government.

The Syrian center of monitoring of observance of human rights reported that we are talking about the airbase, which was recently liberated from the insurgents, representatives of the Kurdish organization “people’s defence Units”, which supports “Democratic Union”. The representative of the Kurds said that we are talking about the group “Jaysh al-Towar”.

Earlier today, Davutoglu said that if necessary, Turkey will take the necessary measures in Syria, as in Iraq, Recalling the last year’s operations against the Kurdish workers ‘ party (PKK) in Northern Iraq.

Ankara sees the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union is the same as a terrorist organization and banned in Turkey the Kurdistan workers ‘ party. Turkey believes that these organizations are closely related.