Bankruptcy SU-155 has named the main condition of completion of houses holding

To build a house SU-155 is impossible without the bankruptcy of the holding company, said Monday the head of the Bank “Russian capital” Mikhail Kuzovlev at a national conference on completion of objects of SU-155. “To complete construction of problem objects of the company SU-155 is impossible without the recognition of the insolvency of the company. The bankruptcy of the holding is a necessary stage for the completion of the facilities,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Previously, the government has repeatedly said it will not allow bankruptcy SU-155. “We must not allow the bankruptcy SU-155, we are ready to provide the company SU-155 full support, <…> to prevent the deterioration of the financial position of the company SU-155 we can not”, — stated in December 2014, Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government Hermann Elyanyushkin. In may 2015, the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail Men said that the Ministry of construction is monitoring the situation in the holding SU-155 to prevent its bankruptcy. In the case of the collapse of the company in the Moscow region may receive about 18 thousand interest-holders, the obligation before which are not met, said in June 2015, Elyanyushkin. Only Russia can be twice more, was evaluated in the autumn of that year, the state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein.

At the end of last year came into force new amendments to the law “On bankruptcy”. The amendments change the rules of redemption unfinished, the Builder is bankrupt. According to the amendments, the new developer who bought the facility from the developer, which had failed, would have to perform the obligations transferred to it, told “Vedomosti” one of the sponsors of the amendments state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. The Deputy did not deny that the amendments were tailored to the specific situation of SU-155. Prior to the amendments in the event of bankruptcy of the Builder, real estate investors could create housing cooperative, which bought back all that they had to build the developer, explained the publication of arbitration Manager Evgeny Semchenko.

In December 2015, at a meeting with first Deputy Chairman of Russian government Igor Shuvalov was developed a mechanism of financial recovery of the company SU-155. Under this scheme, rehabilitation of the SU-155 must be made on the basis of the Bank “Russian capital”. “The Russian capital” will provide funding for completion of projects SU-155. For the construction it is necessary to attract 39 billion rubles, funds will be raised partly through the acquisition of “Russian capital” or structures of vacant units in unfinished buildings, partly on account of the assets of the SU-155.

To SU-155 has already filed dozens of lawsuits on bankruptcy, the plaintiffs include Sberbank, ROSBANK, “the Russian capital”.

For the completion of problematic objects of SU-155, caught in a schedule the first stage of construction, it is necessary to 8.3 billion rubles, said on Monday Kuzovlev. He noted that the Bank “is responsible for every dollar that goes into construction”. Mikhail Kuzovlev on Monday said that the technical customer for the construction of objects is the structure of the BIN group “the triumphal arch”, which controls the construction process.