CEC: United Russia spent the end of 2015 153 million rubles on the party leadership

MOSCOW, February 15. “United Russia” has spent in the fourth quarter of 2015 more other parties on the content of the governing bodies – 152,9 million. The charity has funded only two parliamentary parties – the CPRF and “Fair Russia”.

This is evidenced by data of the control Department of the apparatus of the CEC of the Russian Federation, published on the Commission’s website.

The cost of management

Total cost of United Russia on the implementation of statutory activities, according to the report, amounted to $ 932 million.

The cost of the Communist party on the content of the governing party’s authorities amounted to $ 82.7 million (total costs – 339,7 million). The LDPR spent on the manual just 6.3 million rubles. The total expenditure of the party for October-December last year was $ 357 million.

The just Russia the content of the governing bodies at a cost of 56,9 million rubles, with a total expenditure of 133,6 million.

Of non-parliamentary parties have spent the party “Yabloko” – 44,6 million rubles, of which 2.2 million on the maintenance of the governing bodies. For “Parnassus” content management was the main item of expenditure in the fourth quarter of last year – to 1,304 million roubles, and expenses 1,317 million rubles.

Charity does not fit in the budget

Donations to charity in the fourth quarter of last year, can boast of only three parties out of 74 providing information on the receipt and expenditure of funds. So, the Communist party spent on charity almost 4.4 million rubles, follows from the data of the CEC.

Twice as much was allocated for charity “Fair Russia” – 8.2 million rubles.

The third party, who decided to spend the money on this article, was the party of the “national course”, contributed 746 thousand.

Propaganda is not stingy

Traditionally, the record for spending on promotional activities, including advertising, printing, informational products, became the liberal democratic party. She had spent during the reporting period for these purposes 250,4 million.

The expenses of the “United Russia” on promotion amounted to 120.8 million rubles, the Communist party – 25,3 million roubles, “Fair Russia” – 48 million rubles.

Of non-parliamentary parties on advocacy activities was used up “Apple” – 1,365 million.

All 77 registered by Ministry of justice of the parties were required to report on the receipt and expenditure of funds by the end of January. Documents the CEC received from 74 parties.

“From a political party “Smart Russia” information about the sources and sizes of property and money received on its account, and their use has been received. According to the information of political parties “the Party of veterans of Russia” and “Democratic legal Russia” financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2015, sent by mail, as of February 12, 2015 at the CEC of Russia did not arrive”, – it is specified in the materials control Department.