Dmitry Medvedev’s interview with Euronews and Time. Key statements

Dmitry Medvedev’s interview with Euronews and Time. Key statements

After the completion of the Munich security conference , Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to the Euronews TV channel and Time magazine, which presented its stance on the Syrian crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, relations with the West, the dialogue between Russia and the United States, the case of Alexander Litvinenko.

Key statements by the head of the Russian government – in the material.

On the Syrian crisis

Medvedev said that Russia will take decisions on military action in Syria on the basis of their national interest, agreements with Damascus and depending on the situation.

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He reminded that VKS the Russian Federation operating in Syria, first of all, to protect national interests, because in this country there are thousands of “fighters who are ready at any moment to break and go to organize terrorist attacks in Russia”; second – based on the treatment of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Medvedev noted that Russia was not planning “an endless” operation in Syria and again urged other parties not to “scare” opportunity to introduce ground troops.

He said if Washington “wants to obtain long-term war, of course, you can arrange and ground operations, and everything else.”

No one is interested in a new war, but a ground operation is complete, a long war. Here we must proceed from this

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Moreover, Medvedev believes that the parties to the conflict in Syria is to close our eyes to mutual resentment and sit down at the negotiating table to start a political process in which to participate and Bashar al-Assad. In his opinion, the task of Russia, the USA and the European Union is to create favorable conditions for starting a political process in Syria.

To agree, according to the Russian Prime Minister, need from the ideological opposition to Assad, representing part of the elite of Syria, but not with the extremists.

None of us needs a new Libya, which is split into several parts, or simply chaos, when at the head of those or other territories are warlords, simply put – criminals, whatever the religious rhetoric they were covered

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About Ukraine and Crimea

Assessment of Medvedev, the resolution on Ukraine “in something is easier than in Syria.” “And not only because the conflict is not of such hardness, but because it is clear how to proceed. How? On the basis of the Minsk agreements”, – said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also said that the future of the Crimea “no, and Russia do not exist”.

This issue is closed forever. Crimea is part of Russian territory

from an interview with Euronews

The reciprocal sanctions

Medvedev considers reasonable one-time lifting of mutual sanctions of the West and the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister once again reminded that “we are not these sanctions came up, not us them to start filming”.

We must have the courage and say: you know, guys, all we conclude here with such and such a date, we ask you response to suspend. That would be the right approach

from an interview with Euronews

The Prime Minister acknowledged that sanctions have an impact on the state of the Russian economy, companies and banks lost Western financing. However, these restrictions allowed them to start the healing process of the economy.

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The main damage, according to the Prime Minister, the Russian economy caused the fall in oil prices. Medvedev noted that the situation in the economy could not “affect in the earnings situation and the situation of ordinary people, with their real jobs, their real income”.

At the same time, he recalled that the government of the Russian Federation in these conditions has pledged not to cut social spending to avoid tension in the society.

“Moreover, we have adjusted pensions for inflation in the past year, and this year, maybe not completely, but has indexed. We will try to do continue”, – assured Medvedev.

About the relations with the West

The decision of Western countries to freeze relations with Russia was meaningless, says Medvedev. According to him, as practice shows, after the breakup is often “after a while you have to play back”.

As soon as something happens in the global agenda, in which Russia participates, the Alliance immediately inflates the cheeks, lips and says, well, we cease to communicate, hold the attitude

from an interview with Euronews

The Prime Minister noted that Russia insists on an equal dialogue.

Assessment of Medvedev, the attack on the Russian su-24 Turkey “was not framed, she was framed the entire North Atlantic Alliance” will, “and it’s very irresponsible”. The current actions of Russia confirms peaceful policy of Moscow, said the head of government.

Much depends on the will of the leaders of the Alliance to influence the most anxious members of NATO, which provoke the conflict with other countries

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Medvedev stressed that “nowhere have I said that began a new cold war”. “But I was talking about that the decisions of NATO are pushing for the emergence of a new cold war. I told it and I am ready to confirm again”, – assured the head of the Russian Cabinet.

“We would not want any confrontations! We don’t need. Neither in Baltic, nor in Turkey, nor anywhere else,” added the Prime Minister. According to Medvedev, the authorities of the Baltic countries are experiencing “phantom pain” and use anti-Russian rhetoric for political purposes, intimidating its citizens allegedly aggressive plans of the Russian Federation.

On migration the crisis of Europe

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Medvedev believes migration policy the EU is a huge mistake that threatens European identity.

Yes, there are different rhetoric, but if you ask on the street in any country, be it France, Germany, Italy or Britain, I want people to be moved 1.5–2 million people from the Middle East, it is unlikely they will be delighted

interview Time

According to the Prime Minister, on the subject of migrants from the Middle East can win elections in local governments right-wing parties.

Russia is in dialogue with the EU will not play on anti-immigrant sentiment, said Medvedev, “we’re just openly talking about what a danger here”.

On nuclear security and the arms race

Medvedev regrets that the Russian-American cooperation has been significantly reduced, however, about a new arms race.

This is a very expensive story and it is obvious that at the moment there is no reason, no reason to do what did the Soviet Union and the United States of America together with the North Atlantic Alliance in the late 70’s – early 80-ies

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The Prime Minister stressed that the issues of limiting nuclear and conventional armaments should be discussed together with new kinds of weapons, posing a serious threat.

A major threat is the uncontrolled expansion of the nuclear club, Medvedev believes. According to him, “now there is the problem of North Korea,” the possession of nuclear weapons raised the Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.

Some countries are really afraid for their existence and says that will be forced to develop nuclear weapons

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Another threat to the Prime Minister called a “hit nuclear Arsenal in the hands of terrorists, and the creation of dirty bombs and all that is associated with the use of a nuclear charge by terrorists and criminals”.

About the Litvinenko case

Medvedev said that Russia will not be in court to prosecute anyone for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

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Speaking about London published in the report on Litvinenko on the basis of the so-called public inquiry, he stressed that it is impossible to take seriously “a report of some retired judges, in which almost every section and paragraph start with the word “probably” (in translation from English – “probably” – approx.)”. The Prime Minister expressed regret that such a document commenting on the Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain.

This is reminiscent of the struggle against witches and sorcerers. In the end, leave it on the conscience of those who commented

from an interview with Euronews

Overall, Medvedev stressed that Russia and great Britain historically, for centuries, has developed a “unique relationship”, which the Prime Minister called “not easy due to various reasons”.

On the suppression of terrorism

Western countries should cooperate with Russia in the sphere of fight against terrorism, and not to interrupt the dialogue. Moscow for its part is ready to share information on this issue, Medvedev said.

But here we must think widely, to think about future generations, about the value of one human life, instead of just saying, you know, Russia is kind of not so, it is behaving correctly, so our intelligence agencies are not reviewing

from an interview with Euronews

According to him, the West’s refusal from cooperation with Russia plays into the hands of terrorist groups.

The investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov

Medvedev believes that all of the organizers, accomplices and perpetrators of the assassination policy of Boris Nemtsov must be punished.

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The Prime Minister noted that including the question of the reputation of Russian justice.

“This is a real tragedy and a crime that should be investigated,” the Prime Minister said. “To justice should involve all who will be unmasked by investigators as the organizer, the abettor and the perpetrator of this crime”, – he stressed.

Medvedev stressed that “there is no doubt can’t be, it’s really a question of the reputation of Russian justice and the state”.

Freedom of speech in Russia

Medvedev believes that it is impossible to restrict freedom of speech in the Internet age.

Frankly, we have a lot of different media, which still give a very different picture, including electronic media. When people ask me about it, I always say with regard to how I perceive the situation. I can tell you that very rarely watch TV and read Newspapers in paper form, I have almost all the information obtained from the Internet, and we have these people already more than half the population. On the Internet, as you know, no regulation in that sense, no, there’s presents all points of view, including, frankly, even extremist

from an interview with Euronews

The Prime Minister also highlighted the aspect of interaction with the opposition and reflect her point of view in the Russian mass media. According to him, the issue here is not the desire to deny them access to the podium, and that the opposition is not interesting to the majority of the population.

On the work at the posts of the President and the Prime Minister

Medvedev believes that in eight years of working in senior government posts he managed to do a lot. Speaking about his work from 2008-2012 as President and since 2012 till present time the head of government, Medvedev admitted that “both one and the other post is potentially very serious”.

These eight years of life… is, you know, this constant drive

from an interview with Euronews

The Prime Minister noted that during this time “event a lot within the country was and is very good for me, significant, large, and often tragic, … and international events”. “After all, we not only argued and argued, something did,” he said.