“Islamic state” claimed responsibility for the explosion in Dagestan

“Islamic state” (the activities of this terrorist organization banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the explosion near a traffic police post in Dagestan, Reuters reports with reference to associated with a terrorist group Twitter account.

Explosion at the traffic police post in Dagestan has thundered this morning. According to media sources, exploded “Lada Priora”, drove to the post for inspection. According to the authorities of the Republic, killed two employees of law enforcement agencies, at least 17 people were injured.

TASS reported that the site of the explosion found the remains of a suicide bomber — a fragment of the head, foot and hand. An informed source of “Interfax” also said that police have tentatively identified the men, which damaged the car. Name of the action source is not named.

Source of “Interfax” reported that the explosive device is estimated at more than 10 kg in a trotyl equivalent. It consisted of a pyrotechnic mixture composed of aluminum powder. It is a traditional component of the Caucasian bandit underground, has noted a source. The source of “RIA Novosti”, in turn, reported that the capacity of the device was 30 kg in a trotyl equivalent.