Khazin United Russia party, lost the elections of the rector of RSUH

Sunday, February 15, at the Russian state University for the Humanities (RSUH) have passed elections of the rector.

According to a source in Russian state University for the most votes received the head of chair of social philosophy of the University Eugene Ivakhnenko, United Russia, a former Senator from the Kirov region Andrey Khazin, who was considered the top candidate for the rectors, who scored 21 votes.

According to the regulations, the candidature Ivakhnenko must now consider in the Ministry of education. Officials have the right to approve or Ivakhnenko as the rector, or to nominate their man.

As previously reported , candidates for rectors of six: in addition to Hazin and Ivakhnenko, in rectors were nominated by the Director of the Institute of history and Philology of RSUH Pavel Cherenkov, Dean of the faculty of history of art RGGU Vladimir Kolotaev, Dean of the faculty of documentation science and technological archives of RSUH Gregory Lansky, as well as Deputy head of the Federal Agency for tourism of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Higher school of Economics and former Minister of culture of Perm Krai, Nikolai Beginners.

To win claim three: it Khazin, Shkarenkov and Ivakhnenko. Khazin was initially perceived as the main contender — he’s United Russia party, a former member of the Federation Council of the Kirov region in his favor could play the closeness to the leadership of the party in power and a serious administrative resource. Against Khazin were the representatives of the faculty of RSUH, in particular Ivakhnenko.

The election campaign of candidates has not been without scandals. 6 February 2016 page teachers RGGU in Facebook published an open letter stating that the officials of the Ministry of education allegedly summoned members of the academic Council of the University and inform them that the powers of the Brewer will be extended, and Hazin — “this is a new Nevzlin” and to vote for him is not worth it. The open letter, as reported by the publication was written by one of the candidates for the post of rector Shkurenkova. In response, the other candidate Ivakhnenko has published his own open letter. Letter Shkurenkova, according to Ivakhnenko, “puts the entire electoral process at risk and the reputation of the RSUH makes scandalous”.

A few days before the elections, the sources were given to understand that to win elections in the rectors Hazin will be very difficult. “He spoke in RSUH that received approval of the Kremlin to the leadership of the University, but it is not. RSUH is an important University, it would be correct that it was headed by the man who would be his for the faculty. Khazin is not,” said a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”.

Moreover, a source close to the presidential administration, said that in his post can remain Brewer. According to him, the Brewer, until recently, was busy operational management of the University and did not have time to nurture their successors, who would be able to change it. In this situation it would be right to wait until prolong his contract, said the source.