Klintsevich: more and more Russians believe sending troops to Afghanistan in response to threats of time

MOSCOW, February 15. More and more Russians believe the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan an appropriate response to the threat of international terrorism and drug trafficking. This opinion was expressed to journalists by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security, leader of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan Franz Klintsevich due the Day of memory of Russians who performed their duty outside the Fatherland.

According to the Senator, February 15 – “not the day, when to solve global problems, reasoning, correctly or incorrectly Motherland send their sons to distant trips, where they often didn’t come back”. He was confident that “time itself puts everything in its place”. “So, every year an increasing number of Russians who consider the decision to send Soviet troops into Afghanistan adventure, and an adequate response to real threats of international terrorism and drug trafficking”, – said the Klintsevich.

To confirm his words he cited the data of the survey “Levada-center” held for the 25th anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, according to which since 1991 by 20% (from 88% to 68%), reduced the number of those who believe that getting involved in this conflict is not necessary, and 23% of respondents said that participation in the Afghan war was necessary to protect the geopolitical interests of the USSR. “But we will not take away bread from the descendants who have, undoubtedly, added material for making objective evaluations,” said the Senator.

On 15 February, he said, need to wish everyone, “who has passed the ordeal foreign land, good health, success and prosperity”. “Many of them need help, and this is our duty to assist,” he said. “And be sure to remember the names of those who never returned. They are our eternal, never-ceasing pain. Glory to the heroes!”, – said the Klintsevich.

Day of memory of Russians who performed their duty outside the Fatherland day, celebrated annually on 15 February. It was established by presidential decree on 2 December 2010 in accordance with the Federal law “About days of military glory and memorable dates of Russia”. A memorable date established in honour of 15 February 1989, during the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Soviet troops participated in the hostilities in that country for 10 years and lost in killed more than 15 thousand people.