Loukoster “Victory” begins flights from Moscow to Cologne

MOSCOW, February 15. Low-cost airline “Pobeda” starts to operate flights on the route Moscow – Cologne. The flights will be operated daily. Also provided for passengers to get to Dusseldorf and Leverkusen on a special Shuttle service from Cologne airport on a single ticket Fly&Bus. Sale of tickets for flights to Cologne was opened on 18 January.

Sale of tickets for international flights “Victory” began in mid-November last year. The first destination was Bratislava (with the possibility by bus to Vienna). Then “Victory” launched flights from Moscow to Memmingen in Bavaria (in a Shuttle service to Munich and Zurich) and in Bergamo (with Shuttle service to Milan).

The airline “Victory” enters into group “Aeroflot”. The company’s aims is to increase the mobility of the population and transport accessibility of Russian regions. By 2018, the carrier fleet will consist of approximately 40 aircraft and transportation will reach 10 million people a year. Transaero’s route network will include more than 45 domestic and international destinations. Now “Victory” serves more than 30 domestic and international destinations.