Media: Moscow region authorities introduced a moratorium on new construction in Balashikha and Queen

MOSCOW, February 15. Moscow authorities announced a moratorium on new construction in Balashikha and Queen in the quest to solve the overpopulation problem in these cities. About this informed the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

“We declared a moratorium on new construction in Balashikha and Queen for the medium term. Limited new construction in the Khimki” – said the Governor. In Vorobiev’s opinion, the problem is not even that “appeared crazy concrete jungle”, but the fact that you have not created any significant jobs: about 150 thousand people go to work to Moscow, and that 70% of the working population.

Vorobyov stressed that cancelled all permits for new construction, which can be reverted. “For example, in Balashikha were willing to build the stadium “Cryogenmash” we have stopped, – it gives an example. – We have a project with all permits and documentation – of their power to cancel I can’t.”

As noted by “Vedomosti”, the problem consists in the fact that the draft plan approved in these cities until 2012 (prior to the appointment of Vorobyov acting Governor), have postponed the deficit of social infrastructure. “Buyers, in fact, deceived – not enough clinics, kindergartens, schools, – explains sparrows. – So the first thing we do is we remove the stress: within the past year in Balashikha built 14 kindergartens, three schools, built two new health centres to replace the old old”.

According to him, the development plans of Balashikha and the Queen provide and create jobs through the construction of buildings public and business objects, and industrial redevelopment.

Now the housing Fund of the city district Balashikha – 11 million sq km, a population of 424 000 people. Previously approved projects planning area suggest the construction of another to 7.68 mln sq m of housing that would increase the population of 274,000 people. In the Queen’s housing stock – 5,96 million square meters and a population of 221 000 people, more recently, the authorities had planned to erect there additional 1.67 million square meters of housing where I could live 59 400 people. Housing Khimki 6.7 million sq m under construction additional 1.4 million sqm