Media: the Lebanese government approved the deal on the export of waste to Russia

BEIRUT, February 15. /Corr. Dmitry Zelenin/. The Lebanese government approved the agreement with the British firm Chinook, which provides for the export of waste to Russia. This was reported by the newspaper “Ørjan jour” the President of the National Council for development and reconstruction Nabil Jisr.

According to him, the contractor undertook to provide the authorities with all the necessary documents in the next few days, so that by the end of the month to start garbage collection. “As soon as we receive them from the Bank guarantee, we will transfer the required amount,” said Jisr. According to him, the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated for the implementation of the first stage of the deal to $50 million.

Thus Jisr did not indicate in what region of Russia will be directed containers with household waste. According to the radio station “South Lubnan”, it is about the Krasnodar region.

“Garbage crisis” in Lebanon occurred on 17 July last year after closing on the insistence of environmentalists, the dam in Naama (20 km from Beirut). The coalition government of Salam Tamama because of disagreements has not been able to find solutions to the serious problem of waste disposal. As a result, on the outskirts of Beirut and other cities have accumulated tons of garbage. Members began the protest movement has held several mass demonstrations in the city center, demanding the resignation of the Cabinet of Salam. Their attempts to seize government buildings were stopped by the police.

After the authorities have been unable to find a site for a new dam in Lebanon, it was decided to export the waste abroad.