Medvedev explained his statement about the beginning of a new cold war

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev explained his statement about the beginning of a new “cold war”, which he made during his speech at the Munich security conference. In an interview with the American magazine Time (transcript published on the government website) Medvedev explained that, from his point of view, a new “cold war” pushing NATO’s actions.

“I never said that began a new cold war, but I was talking about that the decisions of NATO are pushing for the emergence of a new cold war. I said it and am ready to confirm again”, — said Medvedev.

Speaking in Munich on Saturday, the Prime Minister said that NATO policy towards Russia remains “closed and unfriendly”. “You could say sharper: we came down during the new cold war”, — said the head of the Russian government. In this case, later the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in Berlin interpreted the Prime Minister as a call to try to “avoid a return to the cold war”.

In an interview with Time Medvedev also stated that Russia is not interested in arms race.

“It’s a very expensive story, and it is obvious that at the moment there is no reason, no reason to do what did the Soviet Union and the United States of America together with the North Atlantic Alliance”, — explained the Prime Minister. He expressed the view that the arms race “bled the Soviet economy”. Commenting on relations between Moscow and Washington, Medvedev called their achievement a contract on reduction of offensive arms (start-3). “It is a pity that in the future everything went according to different scenario”, he added.

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The Prime Minister also warned NATO from carrying out ground operations in Syria. “No need of permanent war, and Russia in no way would like to participate,” said Medvedev. He recalled that the us military is “still” can’t “walk away” from Afghanistan. “As soon as the conflict enters a stage of terrestrial military operations, he becomes infinite,” explained the Prime Minister.