Medvedev regretted the reduction relations of the Russian Federation-the United States, but about the arms race, no question

Medvedev regretted the reduction relations of the Russian Federation-the United States, but about the arms race, no question

MOSCOW, February 15. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev regrets that the Russian-American cooperation has been significantly reduced, however, about a new arms race. This opinion he expressed in an interview with Time magazine.

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“Does the suspension of talks on a range of issues beginning of an arms race? Of course, not mean!” – he is convinced.

“We are not in any arms race are not interested,” he said. “It’s a very expensive story and it is obvious that at the moment there is no reason, no reason to do what did the Soviet Union and the United States of America together with the North Atlantic Alliance in the late 70’s and early 80-ies,” – said the head of government. According to him, this “definitely bled the Soviet economy, what is there to hide”.

Medvedev said that the Treaty on reduction of offensive arms “achievement of Russian-American relations” and stressed that EHV-3 “eased the overall situation in the world.” “I think this is a good result; it can be put in the Treasury of U.S.-Russian cooperation,” he said. “It is a pity that in the future everything went according to different scenario”,- said Medvedev.

Arms limitation

The issues of limiting nuclear and conventional armaments should be discussed together, because there are new weapons, posing a serious threat, believes Medvedev.

“We are told, “well, you let’s continue to reduce, for example, nuclear capability, but it (new types of non-nuclear weapons – approx.TASS) we will not” – said the head of government. “No, colleagues, we now need to all discuss this together!” the Prime Minister said.

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He recalled that about nuclear weapons “mankind has already determined to do everything that I found that this did not happen and try to contribute to the reduction of the nuclear club and to restrict where possible the potentials and so forth.” “But there are other weapons that are now so shamefully are not discussed”,- he stressed.

As an example, Medvedev mentioned the American concept of global lightning strike. It involves the creation of systems offensive weapons capable of causing massive strike with conventional weapons anywhere on the planet within an hour after the decision. The main components of the initiative would be deeply modified Intercontinental ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles and weapons based on new physical principles.

“It’s not scary? No, it’s very scary,” said the Prime Minister. “But she does not fall under any restrictions and so forth, but we understand that if you use hundreds and thousands of missiles for the application of this strike, the consequences will be no better (than the use of nuclear weapons – approx.TASS), but no restrictions”,- noted the head of the Russian government.

Medvedev said about the problems concerning the U.S. missile defense system. Washington determined the need for the alleged threat against the US from Iran. “Now Iran is a friend, everybody agreed, by the way, with our help and support,” he said. “All sanctions are removed, what about ABOUT? And ABOUT left,” he said. “So you agree?” – put a rhetorical question Medvedev.