Medvedev: Russia in dialogue with the EU will not play on anti-immigrant sentiment

MOSCOW,February 15. Russia is in dialogue with the EU will not play on anti-immigrant sentiment, said the Prime Minister in an interview with Time magazine.

“We cannot and do not want to play any force, playing on anti-immigrant sentiment, he said. – We’re just openly talking about what a danger here”. The Prime Minister said that he had discussed the refugee problem with the Finnish authorities. In this country began to move refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries through the territory of the Russian Federation, having received the official permission for entry. However, according to him, “the Finnish colleagues became worried about this”, and now Moscow and Helsinki are holding consultations on this issue.

Medvedev bewildered noted that, in expressing concern about the flow of refugees across the Russian Federation, the Finnish authorities do not pay attention to a multiple of a greater flow of migrants from Sweden. “Same to you 30 thousand arrived from Sweden. Here a thousand, and there – 30 thousand. You Swedes are in no way suspect? They are not trying deliberately to harm a neighboring country?” – asked rhetorical questions to the head of the Russian Cabinet. He was surprised that according to Finnish authorities, Russia “is trying to manipulate these people.” “It’s not serious”,- says Medvedev.

A huge mistake

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes migration policy the EU is a huge mistake.

“I believe immigration policy of the European Union and individual countries a colossal mistake, a mistake that threatens European identity, he said. I think this is really a very big problem.”

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The Prime Minister noted that perfectly understands the consequences of the appearance of colonies in Europe of refugees from troubled regions of the world. “I don’t think I could have fun with some other political forces. Yes, there are different rhetoric, but if you ask on the street in any country, be it France, Germany, Italy or Britain, I want people to be moved 1.5–2 million people from the Middle East, it is unlikely they will be delighted”, he added.

According to him, the problem with migration in Europe “drugged States of the European Union”. “Let no one take offense, but your entry rules, your rules migration, benefits that are paid. So, it is a conscious course, – said Medvedev. In humanitarian terms, he’s probably perfect, on the one hand, but from the point of view of the interests of ordinary citizens of these countries, the economies of these countries, it is rather difficult.”

The Prime Minister believes that the right parties have the opportunity to recoup on the topic of migrants from the Middle East in the elections to local authorities in Europe. “Not because people were taken in by this right-wing ideology, but because they think is very simple: if you come a million workers gratuitous, some of them still goes to the labour exchange, labour market, and we’d be out of work because their labor is cheaper, he explained his point of view. – I think that in this sense the European Union is held hostage by an unbalanced migration policy”. “If to speak very directly and sincerely, I just feel sorry for Europe,” – said Medvedev.