Medvedev: the work of the President and Prime Minister is a constant drive

Medvedev: the work of the President and Prime Minister is a constant drive

MOSCOW, February 14. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that in eight years of working in senior government posts he managed to do a lot, for example, to sign a Treaty on strategic arms reduction between Russia and the United States. In an interview with the Euronews TV channel, he described the work on the posts of President and head of government as “permanent drive”, deserve a separate detailed story.

“We have a lot of issues are resolved; all is bright, interesting,” he said. “Maybe someday I about all this in great detail tell,” suggested the head of government. “Well, while I’m working, and it is an interesting work”, – said Medvedev.

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Speaking about his work from 2008-2012 as President and since 2012 till present time the head of government, Medvedev admitted that “both one and the other post is potentially very serious”. “These eight years of life… is, you know, this ongoing drive,” he said.

Medvedev said that during this time “event a lot within the country was and is very good for me, significant, large, and often tragic, … and international events”. “After all, we not only argued and fought, we have made”, – said Dmitry Medvedev.

As an example, the Prime Minister led the signing of a new Russian-American Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms, which in 2010 he signed with U.S. President Barack Obama. “It’s been good. This document is signed, it is valid, it executes, so we can work together, can negotiate,” – said the head of the Russian government.