Moscow authorities will spend almost 2 billion roubles for photofixing of violations

Moscow authorities plan to spend nearly 2 billion rubles for activities designed to ensure the smooth operation of the automated system of photo and video fixation of violations of traffic rules. The corresponding order is placed on the procurement website.

From this it follows that the customer is the Department of Moscow on competition policy. In the specification, the application says that it comes works to ensure the smooth functioning of the automated system of photo and video fixation of violations of traffic rules and its repair in cases of emergency.

“Under the uninterrupted operation of the system is understood as ensuring the smooth operation of the system and its component parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year <…> Below is not working, you should understand the complex, which total more than 5 hours a day was not in working order”, — stated in the terms of reference.

According to placed order, bids from potential contractors for the execution of these works will be accepted until February 29. The amount that the Moscow authorities are ready to spend on these works amounts to 1,78 billion rubles.

In addition, Moscow authorities have placed an order and services to conduct surveys of citizens on the issue of satisfaction with organizations of the road and paid Parking in the capital, as well as on the question of the administration of Moscow’s Parking space. In the first case we are talking about a telephone survey, the second on interviewing citizens on the street. Potential performers of rooms to be developed as questionnaires that need to be agreed with the customer, and to provide a report with the survey results.

The customer survey is a state public institution of Moscow “administrator of the Moscow Parking space”, which is willing to pay for them all at 2.99 million rubles.