Moscow region authorities have banned new building in Balashikha and Queen

In Balashikha and the Queen has banned new construction in the medium term, and in Khimki he was limited. About this in an interview with “Vedomosti” said the Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov.

He explained that the problem lies in the fact that despite large-scale construction in these towns was not created by the corresponding number of jobs. Building in Balashikha the head of the region described as “godless”.

“It’s not even that there is a crazy concrete jungle, but the fact that you have not created any significant jobs: about 150 thousand people commute to Moscow for work — 70% of the working population,” he explained.

According to the Governor, also, in addition to jobs in these cities lack of social infrastructure — health clinics, kindergartens and schools. He added that he also plans to Balashiha and the Queen provide for the creation of jobs through the construction of buildings public and business objects, and industrial redevelopment.

Vorobyov noted that, in particular, cancelled the construction of the stadium “Cryogenmash”. He added that, nevertheless, the authorities are not able to cancel projects that have the approvals.

Investment Director at Est-a-Tet Vladislav Lutskov in conversation with the publication noted that in the last 10 years in Balashikha have been a record pace of construction, and in the Queen was spot buildings which the city is too built up.

Last week, 10 February, Minister of ecology and nature management of Moscow region Alexander Kogan in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” declared that the regional authorities are planning to put the ponds into the cadastre in order to stop the mass seizure of land for construction on the banks of rivers and lakes. According to him, the first such object was the river Skhodnya in the city district Khimki. “We started with the pond, the banks of which the people called gold — land in the coastal strip of Khimki in value not inferior to the plot in the elite Barvikha” — said the official.

At the same time in early December, the authorities of the Moscow region approved the construction of a megaproject in the Odintsovo district, during which there will be erected a new city quarter, which includes about half a million square metres of housing, social and business center area of over 200 thousand square meters and a shopping and entertainment complex on 60 thousand square meters.