Putin signed a law clarifying the powers of observers on elections

Putin signed a law clarifying the powers of observers on elections

MOSCOW, February 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on the credentials of observers from political parties and candidates. Changes have affected the laws on basic guarantees of electoral rights and on elections of deputies of the state Duma.

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The document is available on the official portal of legal information.

The law is aimed at improving safeguards of transparency in the activities of election commissions. In particular, the observer shall be empowered to make in the voting room photo – and video shooting, and notifying the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary of precinct election Commission.

In addition, observers and other participants in the electoral process is guaranteed free access to the premises where voting takes place, the counting of votes during the voting, counting votes, preparing the minutes of the precinct election Commission (PEC) on the voting results.

The law also clarifies the grounds for removal of PEC members from participation in its work, to remove from the premises for voting observers and other persons if they violate the electoral legislation. The fact of such violations must be established in court according to the law.

A number of amendments concerned limiting the number of election observers and the number of changes in the composition of the commissions. According to the document, one candidate or party you can imagine two observers, the number of substitutions of Commission members with consultative voting right is limited to five.