“Red light for heavy trucks”, Ukraine begins and she accuses Russia

“Red light for heavy trucks”, Ukraine begins and she accuses Russia

MOSCOW, February 15. “War,” Tatarstan President said, started last week against Russian carrier by the number of Ukrainian activists of radical organizations, has received in the Sunday new development: at first the Russian authorities in response, have blocked movement of the Ukrainian freight transport on the territory of the Russian Federation, and on Monday the government of Ukraine has banned the transit of Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory. Thus in Kiev, in which the current Ukrainian authorities accused the manner of what is happening in the very same Russia and threatened to appeal to the WTO and other international institutions.

February 1 has expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The parties still failed to reach agreement on new permissions, so the truckers of the two countries were prevented from crossing the border and transit. In search of other ways the flow of cars from Russia rushed to Lithuania to take the ferry from Klaipeda to get into the EU and switch to the “Ukrainian way”.

Criminals, then

About the situation as a result of actions prohibited in the Russian Federation organization “Right sector” and other Ukrainian radical organizations, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich reported on Monday the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

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“The solution has been found yet,” said Dvorkovich at the meeting of Medvedev with Deputy Prime Ministers. According to him, more than a hundred cars remain on the territory of Ukraine, “more than 500 cars can’t come from the EU, to enter the territory of Ukraine for further movement in the direction of Belarus and further towards the Russian Federation”.

To block the movement of Russian heavy transport Ukrainian radicals . The first roadblocks appeared in Transcarpathia, then joined in another nine areas on the West and North of Ukraine, including on the border with Belarus. Local authorities did not prevent this action, stating that she passes peacefully and within the law.According to Dvorkovich, the Russian heavy trucks blocked in Ukraine with weapons.

Medvedev asked who is doing in Ukraine. “It’s an illegal armed formation or is it some kind of Ukrainian power structure?” asked the Prime Minister.

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“These are groups associated with “Right sector”, – said Dvorkovich.

“Clearly, criminals, then,” said Medvedev.”We understand that for everything that happens in Ukraine, meet Ukrainian state, which is, unfortunately, not able to restore order,” – said Medvedev, addressing to deputies. According to the Prime Minister, “the fact that some guys there to stop trucks using a firearm, means that the authorities in Ukraine, or in other words, are these extremist groups”.

Dvorkovich said that in the current situation for Russian drivers provided for the delivery of food and water. At the level of ministries of foreign Affairs and transport of the two countries established contacts and consultations are under way with the aim of unblocking the situation.

Outrage can not stand steel

In response to the actions of the Ukrainian radicals on the Russian authorities have suspended traffic on the territory of the Russian Federation cargo vehicles registered in Ukraine.

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As previously reported by the Rostransnadzor, only “as of 9:00 February 15 in the territory of the Russian Federation detained 152 owned vehicles of the Ukrainian carriers”. In a press release, the agencies clarified that “the cases of the Commission of unlawful acts on the part of drivers of cars not registered”.

Pending further instructions from the Ministry of transport, Rostransnadzor inspectors in the implementation of transport control of freight vehicles registered in Ukraine that are on record with a list of documents and put the vehicle to a dedicated Parking space. This measure, according to the Federal Agency for transport supervision, was not concerned with the mode of transit from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, which is according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from January 2016.

The head of the government of the Russian Federation called the actions of the Ukrainian nationalists “outrage that cannot be tolerated”. “The response actions that have been taken to encourage the Ukrainian side to this situation to understand additional Supervisory powers needed to use at the moment in relation to all modes of transport, which moves from the territory of Ukraine”, – said Medvedev.

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He requested “to continue negotiations through the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Embassy”. Medvedev also demanded that the experts be incorporated into the process if necessary.

The Prime Minister explained that said on the control of the movement of all modes of transport from the territory of Ukraine, because “if they (Ukrainian authorities) are not able to police itself, then we will have it to react accordingly”.

As reported Dvorkovich, the Russian authorities and representatives, including “the foreign Ministry, the transport Ministry and our Ambassador in Ukraine continue operation on unblocking of the situation in Ukraine”.

Here’s a new twist

Judging by the statements of the government and the transport Ministry in Moscow calculated that the Ukrainian authorities to stop illegal actions of the nationalists and take action to unlock the movement of the Russian trucks. However, the decision taken at the government meeting, in Kiev, was the opposite: the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers introduced an official ban on the transit of trucks from the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

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“Accepting explanations and decisions of the dispute Ukraine to temporarily suspend the operation of the transit permits issued for commercial vehicles with a registration in the Russian Federation, which entails a temporary suspension of the transit of goods transported by lorries of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine”, – said the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He explained this decision by saying that Russia, in his words, halting the movement of transport on Ukrainian territory of the Russian Federation, has violated the rules and procedures WTO rules and bilateral intergovernmental agreements.

“We demand that Russia immediately comply with WTO requirements, resume transit of Ukrainian vehicles”, – said Yatsenyuk. He noted that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has already sent in connection with the situation note the Russian Federation, and also reported on consultations with member countries of the European Union on “the failure of the Russian Federation the basic principles of the WTO”.

According to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky, Kiev began “technical advice” not only with European partners but also with the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation. “Consultations are still going on actively. I hope that in the near future is an agreed – upon decision on this issue,” the Minister said at the briefing.

“In any gate not climbing”

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in response to a request to comment on the actions of the Ukrainian authorities called their “absolutely outrageous” and demanded an end to “lawlessness”.

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“In any case, it is absolutely contrary to international law, the principles of the international organization, which is engaged in international transportation – said Peskov. Is absolutely in any gate not climbing, that is called”.

“Of course, it is absolutely outrageous, when with the connivance of the authorities in Ukraine such chaos going on in relation to our carriers,” – said the press Secretary of the President.

According to him, the Ministry keeps the situation under attention. “Of course, this is a matter of extreme importance. Do you know about forced countermeasures, which announced the Ministry of transport. We are very closely monitoring this situation and we believe that the Ministry of transport of energetic measures are being taken to change this situation. This time, – said the representative of the Kremlin. And second, of course, to ensure adequate response in the event of an unwanted continuation of this crisis”.

A familiar scenario

According to the head of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, in his “war,” Tatarstan President said the Kiev authorities are acting through the familiar, end-of-life scenario. This same scenario was used several years ago, when “due to the unpaid bills by Ukraine was disrupted the transit of Russian gas to the European Union”.

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“The scheme is, in General, one and the same: to make a provocation against Russia, to provoke a reaction from Russia, to issue a response to the Russian aggression and violation of the law,” said Kosachev, adding that the scheme works “automatically, but only when given the green light from Brussels/Washington.”

“So – advice. Consult on how far they will be allowed to go into another anti-Russian provocation,” says the Senator. In his view, if the current consultations Ukrainians with the European Commission will give a welcome to Kiev is the result, tomorrow or the day after, one should expect condemnation of the consolidated first Ukraine, then the EU and the response of the Russian side against the Ukrainian heavy vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation “as violating the norms of the UN, WTO, OSCE and in addition the Council of Europe”.

In the detour and the sea

The blocking of Ukrainian motor transport “corridor” may complicate the work of Russian carriers: as you know, February 1 was expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The advance parties failed to reach agreement on new permissions, so the truckers of the two countries since the beginning of the month can’t cross the border.

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Poland was unhappy with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts regulating monitoring of the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries. According to the Russian side, the new law eliminated the existing deficiencies in the national regulatory framework, using which unscrupulous foreign carriers imported from third countries to Russia goods under cover of preferential bilateral mode of transportation. The Polish side is concerned that this rule would limit the shipment of goods produced on the territory of Poland by companies registered in other countries.

Closing after the Polish and now Ukrainian territory for Russian heavy vehicles travel means that carriers from Russia will have to seek alternate routes. Look the most rational routes through Lithuania and Latvia to the ports of Klaipeda and Liepaja, and from there by ferry to Germany. According to the Main Department of the state border guard of Latvia, at a checkpoint operating on the borders with Russia and Belarus, have already noted the appearance of a queue of heavy vehicles, although just a month ago are no queues for these areas was not.