Rogozin spoke about the development in Russia of an avatar for use in outer space

Russian scientists began work on creating a remotely controlled robot avatar. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, reports “Interfax”.

“One of the works and one use of combat robots, it is not only the battlefield, it is, above all, space. Today set to work on creating avatar, which will be one of the crew members of the future Russian national orbital station”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Rogozin, the robot will be able to go into space without a special spacesuit. Under the control of the operator-astronaut avatar will be to make particularly complex operations on Board the ship.

“Humanoid robots with machine vision and, eventually, artificial intelligence, it’s not tales, it’s something that we actually are moving systematically,” — said Rogozin. According to him, it is about not only creating weapons to defend the country, but also civilian technologies. They, he said, will help Russia “to become a great country not only by physical power but also in his unique intellect”.

Deputy Prime Minister joked that one of the driving started technical progress is laziness and the other is envy. “We are tired of be jealous of to leading American laboratories, based at the University centers, which makes robotics unique”, — said Rogozin.

Vice Prime Minister also stressed that the Russian defense industry, which today makes the best combat aircraft in the world can do the robot for civilian use.