The defense Ministry asked for 175 million rbl. on Patriotic education

The total estimated

The Ministry of defense plans to spend on activities of Patriotic education from 2016 to 2020 174,85 million rubles As stated in the draft order, posted on the portal of projects of normative legal acts, a significant portion of funds for the program, 107,65 million rubles will be allocated from the budget of 67.2 million rubles from extrabudgetary sources.

The primary purpose of the program of Patriotic education of the author of the document Deputy Minister of defense Nikolai Pankov calls “the education of defenders of the Fatherland”. In the Annex to the order of the punks points out that the programme should stimulate the interest of citizens in the military history of Russia, to strengthen the prestige of military service and ensure the coverage of the events in the media.

The most costly graphs of the project are sporting events. At the all-Russian Olympics of young people will spend 50 million rubles from the budget. Extra-budgetary income is not planned. To hold shares in the Park of culture and leisure of the armed forces “Patriot” is planned to spend 25 million rubles. the same budget will cost the support of the all-Russian action “memory Watch”.

On the education of the young Cossacks of the project lays 21.5 million rubles from the budget. Most of them 17.5 million rubles — will go to the annual games of the Cossack youth. Another three million, the Ministry plans to spend to build a Cossack of the center for military-Patriotic education.

Among the activities highlighted the all-Russian championship on cybersport “World of tanks. Remember all”. For the tournament, the Ministry is going to spend 500 thousand rubles.

The most costly extra-budgetary column in the document appears to create an automated system of data on military graves on the basis of domestic geographic information system. In the Ministry of defence for the development will take 50 million rubles.

10 percent of the entire program

2 January 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved the state program of Patriotic education of citizens of Russia for 2016-2020. As follows from the document published on the website of the government, to Finance the program is envisaged to 1.67 billion rubles, including 1,574 billion rubles from the Federal budget.

These funds will create a system of Patriotic education of citizens that meet “today’s challenges and the challenges of development of the country, as well as social and age structure of the Russian society”.

As can be seen from the Annex to the draft of the defense Ministry, most of its activities, the Ministry plans to carry out together with other agencies, for example, with the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of education and regional bodies of Executive power. Their total cost will be 359,25 million rubles: 293,35 million rubles will be allocated from budgets, 65.9 million rubles from extrabudgetary sources.

The decree Medvedev noted that the result of the program, all Russians should increase interest in literature, music, fine arts, Humanities, and natural-geographic Sciences, and the youth has to be a sense of “pride, respect and veneration of the symbols of the state, respect for historic shrines and monuments of the Fatherland”.

It is also expected a significant increase in the level of military-Patriotic education of Russians, leading to the increase of prestige of service in the Armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

The document emphasizes that to carry out Patriotic education of Russians in the next five years will be “under difficult conditions of economic and geopolitical competition”.

Program coordinator assigned to the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, which should annually provide to the government a report on the state of the sphere of Patriotic education.