The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange fell to a mark of 77 rubles

The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange fell to a mark of 77 rubles

MOSCOW, February 15. The dollar against the ruble on the Moscow stock exchange during the auctions has fallen in comparison with level of closing of previous trading session by 1.34 rubles and amounted to RUB 77,00 Euro fell by 1.99% 86,14 RUB.

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The ruble strengthened after oil. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in April 2016 on the ICE stock exchange in London rose today by 1.65% to $33,92 per barrel.

“The increased interest in risks in the global market today was supported by expectations of additional monetary stimulus in Japan. Against this background, oil prices rose, and quotations Brent have exceeded $ 33 per barrel. Additional support for oil prices has had a published on Friday data showing that the number of oil drilling rigs in the U.S. decreased by 28 units,” says senior strategist at Sberbank CIB Vladimir Pantyushin.

Trading on the largest in Asia, the Tokyo stock exchange ended today with a strong growth of the main quotes after the sharp fall last week. The key Nikkei index, reflecting fluctuations of stock prices 225 leading companies in the country, at the end of trading gained 7.16 percent and rose to the level of 022,58 16 points, once again having overcome a lath at 16 000 points. The broader TOPIX index, reflecting the stock prices of all companies in the luxury of the first section of the exchange, increased by 8.02% to a mark in 1 292,23 item.

Yesterday – February 12 – the price of Brent crude jumped by 8.2%, and WTI – by 7.7%.