The former leader of the socialist-revolutionaries will come from the leadership of the state Duma the Central election Commission

All the parliamentary parties decided on their candidates to the Central election Commission, told the interlocutors that are close to the leadership of the CEC and the state Duma. The most notable of Duma nominees will be a representative “Fair Russia” — the party delegates its former Chairman Nicholas Levicheva (now Vice-speaker of the state Duma, Chairman of the Board of the chamber of deputies of the party), tell the interlocutors . The interlocutor in the faction of socialist-revolutionaries said she heard about the care Levicheva in the CEC.

Now “Fair Russia” is in the CEC Sergey Danilenko. He said that the decision taken by the faction, and refused to comment further. Levichev Sunday didn’t answer the phone.

New role Levicheva

Levichev was repeatedly told that from his youth a friend of the Chairman of the party Sergey Mironov. In 2011, when Mironov at the time resigned as Chairman, Levicheva the socialist-revolutionaries elected as its head. In 2013 he was the candidate of the party for mayor of Moscow, but finished last. Shortly after that, Mironov returned to the post of Chairman and Levichev, head of the Board of the chamber of deputies, and became Deputy speaker.

In recent years, Levicheva Mironov and soured relations, so the transition to the CEC — the logical conclusion of the internal party conflict, says a source close to the Duma’s leadership, Levichev wanted more influence on the activities of the party and the drafting of electoral lists, but these ambitions are not liked Mironov.

According to the interlocutor in fraction, it is constantly said about the internal conflict, but the people Levichev and Mironov never showed. Nevertheless, he confirms that Levicheva pushed from the management of electoral campaigns — this job recently responsible state Duma Deputy Alexander Burkov.

Levichev — the classmate of the current Chairman of the CEC Vladimir Churov, says the source surrounded by Asara. Both studied at the physics Department of Leningrad state University.

Levichev has always been somewhat at ease at the party work, says political analyst Dmitry Orlov. “He is a man of more scientific storage and not for public policy. Work in the CEC — less public, more consistent with the nature Levicheva,” — said the expert.

According to a source in the faction “Fair Russia”, in CEC Levichev will qualify for the high office of Chairman or Deputy Chairman. However, the source close to the leadership of the state Duma, and a source close to the Kremlin claim that the Commission Levichev will not lead, although the supervisor it is unlikely to fall. “The CEC must demonstrate readiness for competitive elections, but the supervisor is associated with impaired 2011”, — said one of the interlocutors .

Churov role in the Commission greatly exaggerated, there are people who have on the work of the Commission not less impact, such as, for example, the Deputy Chairman of CEC Leonid Ivlev, said the political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. However, the CEC is associated in people with Churov, and the new style of it fits poorly, the expert believes. “When proclaimed a course on competitiveness, openness and legitimacy of the elections, the figure Churov, who tell jokes and who is associated in humans with 146%, this rate is contrary,” notes the analyst.

Other substitutions in the CEC

The mandate of the current composition of the Central election Commission expires on March 28. Until that time, the Federation Council, state Duma and the President should delegate five people. The upper chamber with his five have already decided. Now — all parties. They had to introduce their proposals to the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation prior to 1 March.

But on Monday, the Committee will propose that the Council of the state Duma to move the deadline for accepting applications for the Duma five to CEC at earlier dates — 17 February, said the Chairman of the Committee Vladimir Pligin. “The Federation Council has already formed their proposals, and we believe that to apply until 17 February will be more reasonable”, — he explained.

By law, each faction of the state Duma offered his candidacy for the chair of the CEC member, even one person can make a group of deputies. After the five claims relevant Committee of the state Duma, the lower house vote.

United Russia will nominate the current CEC member Valery Kryukov, said Secretary of the party’s General Council Sergei Neverov. “We see rotation in the CEC, but it is important to maintain and continuity. Valery is a professional with enormous experience,” he said.

From the panel of deputies will be nominated by United Russia, the former Deputy head of the Central Executive Committee of party Valery Galchenko, said a source close to the leadership of the Duma, Neverov confirmed. “He worked in different political parties: Yabloko, the people’s party, was elected from “Fatherland — all Russia” member of the Association “people’s Deputy”. He is independent, with an independent point of view people, which is hard to accuse of bias, were elected in single-mandate constituency and knows the electoral process, knows how to deal with administrative excesses, with which we all struggle” — said Neverov. Galchenko himself declined to comment.

In the CEC Galchenko will replace Denis Panchina — he worked in the Association of lawyers of Russia, and in 2013 joined the CEC at the place passed into the Kremlin Tatiana Voronova (now — head of management of internal policy). Panshin has lost political support, says the source close to the Kremlin.

The Panshin said that he is ready to work in a place where his personal and professional potential will be maximally used for the benefit of society and country.

Will replace its representative and the liberal democratic party. Instead of Oleg Lavrov will become the Deputy Sergey Sirotkin, said earlier in the party. The Communists have repeatedly declared that will retain its representative Evgeny Koloshina.

Current members

In the current composition of the CEC, formed in 2011, consisted of 15 people. Five people were appointed from each chamber of Parliament, five appointed by the decree of the President.

Quota of the Federation Council of the CEC passed Elena Dubrovin, Nikolai Konkin, Siyabshah shapiev, Nina Kulyasova and Anton Lopatin.

The quota of the state Duma the Commission includes the United Russia Valery Kryukov, Oleg Lavrov from LDPR, Sergey Danilenko from “Fair Russia” and the Communist Eugene Kolyushin. Denis Panshin has occupied the top five in the Duma seat vacated after the transition in the administration of the President of the United Russia member Tatyana Voronova.

The President appointed the CEC of the acting Chairman of the Commission Vladimir Churov, Deputy Leonid Ivlev and Stanislav Vavilov, as well as Maya Grishin and Boris Ebzeyev.