The majority of Russians supported the continuation of the war in Syria

The war is not interesting, but necessary

Study about how Russians are aware of the actions of the Russian military in Syria and that think about it, the Levada center conducted in late January 2016 among 1,600 people over 18 in 48 regions.

The survey showed that over the past six months, Russians have become less aware of and interested in what is happening in Syria. In January 2016, only 18% of respondents positively answered the question of sociologists, whether they are carefully watching the Syrian developments. In November and October 2015, when the Russian space forces most intensively bombed positions in Russia banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG), followed closely with 25%.

In General, Russians are rather superficially aware of the events in Syria; the number of those who have little idea about this war, is growing. As of January 2016, those who know a little, but not closely monitors the Syrian conflict, Russia 69%, in October and November last year, there were 64%.

Increasing the number of those who knows nothing about the Syrian situation. In January 2016, 13% of Russians were not interested in the events in Syria, in November, indifferent to the Syrian conflict was 12%, and in October of the same year — 11%.

Recently information background is farther away from the theme of war and the battle with ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and is increasingly concentrated on the Syrian negotiations, and this layman to understand much more complicated than the idea of war with international terrorism, explains orientalist Grigory Melamedov a certain loss of interest in military events.

The majority of Russians are convinced that a military operation in Syria to continue. 18% strongly believe in this, and another 41% are inclined to think that bombing positions of the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) is required. Sure you don’t want the continuation of the Russian military operation in Syria, 11% of respondents are inclined to that another 16%.

The war against the return of terrorists

Despite poor awareness in the Syrian conflict, the respondents believe that the objectives of the presence of Russian army in the middle East country correspond to those initially declared to the authorities. Announcing its decision to begin operations in Syria, Vladimir Putin declared that the only true way to combat international terrorism “is to act in a proactive, not to wait until they [terrorists] will come to our house”. “Don’t need to be an expert on these matters, to understand that if they succeed in Syria, they inevitably return to their countries will come and to Russia”, — said Putin.

That Russia is seeking to neutralize and eliminate the threat of migration into the country of military actions with the participation of Islamic radicals and terrorists, sure, according to a survey by the Levada center, 53% of the respondents, and the number of adherents of that view is growing. In November 2015 so explained Russia’s participation in the Syrian conflict 49% of Russians, in October — 47%.

On the second place in popularity to the point that Russia started the war in Syria to defend the government of Bashar al-Assad and thereby prevent the chain of “color revolutions” instigated the U.S. around the world. So I think 24% of respondents, their number since November, have not changed.

The view that Russia is trying to break the coalition of Western countries to reduce the threat of its complete isolation and further tightening of sanctions, supported by only 8%. The same number of respondents were undecided.

The Russians prepared for him under adverse circumstances to cover Assad in Russia. 10% are sure that in case of the removal of Assad from power he needs to offer political asylum in Russia, 32% are inclined to this. Against hiding al-Assad, are 20% of people.

Recently the authorities in detail and clearly did not speak about their goals in Syria, so the Russians perceive the original version of the country’s participation in the Syrian conflict, which was expressed by Putin when sending military to the middle East, says Melamedov. The unpopularity of the opinion that Russia got involved in the Syrian conflict, to overcome their own isolation, based on the fact that this version is too complicated, assumes the expert. Besides, it’s defeatist thinking — the population due to the active work of propaganda used to think that all the conflicts in which Russia participates, one way or another aimed at confrontation with the West, says Melamed. Because of this, the popular view that the Syrian campaign is an attempt to counter “color revolutions” around the world that provokes US.