The Prime Minister has announced the closing of the Kurdish humanitarian corridor from Aleppo

During his visit to the Ukrainian capital city the head of the Turkish government, Davutoglu said that Kurdish “people’s defence Units” blocked humanitarian corridor to the North of Aleppo, reports Reuters.

The Syrian government Agency SANA has not yet confirmed the overlap of a humanitarian corridor. There were no relevant statements and from Kurdish groups. As of the morning of 15 February battles were fought in the area of the settlement, tal Rifat, which is located on the road linking Aleppo with the Turkish border.

Commenting on the ongoing offensive by the Kurds in Northern Syria, Davutoglu said that Turkey will seek to deter “people’s defence Units”. Over the weekend Turkish artillery from its territory shelled the position of the Kurds, trying to stop their advance to the town of a’zaz near the Turkish border.

“People’s defence units” are in fact allies of the Syrian government army, although officially it does not recognize.

Davutoglu also accused Russia that its aim is to put the international community is faced with a choice: Syria with President Bashar Assad of Syria ildi under the control of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the Russian pilots only attacked positions of extremist groups, while fighting against the so-called moderate opposition. The agreement on the ceasefire, which was reached in Munich, Russia and the USA, for organizations recognized as terrorist.