The Prosecutor’s office and the TFR has proposed to get their own protection

Amendments to the laws “On Prosecutor’s office”, “On Investigation Committee” and “About Judicial Department at the Supreme Court” proposes to make the Ministry of the interior. As follows from the document placed on the portal of projects of normative legal acts, private security can create a “Federal public authorities, non-Federal bodies of Executive power”.

The amendments were prepared by the legal Department of the Main Directorate of extradepartmental protection of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The explanatory Memorandum States that the bill does not require the allocation of budgetary funds.

The investigation Committee, the Prosecutor General and the Judicial Department was unable to immediately comment on the proposal of the Ministry of interior.

In January of 2016 all the district courts and the administrative building of the Metropolitan administration of justice Department came under the protection of the Cossacks. Now in 34 regional and Metropolitan courts of the judicial Department 140 are on duty around the clock guards of a private security organization (PSO) “Cossack guard”, founded by the Cossack Army society “Central Cossack army”.

The need for new forces to guard the vessels appeared after the reduction of personnel of private security in 2015. Their number decreased during large-scale reductions in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Ministry of interior by November 1 reduced 43 thousand employees, including through the management of private security. The reform has caused much controversy and concern that the major museums and children’s camps will remain without protection. Have a question about creating their own security forces within the Ministry of education and science.

Further reduction will affect the Federal bailiff service — in 2016 personnel the FSSP will be reduced by almost 10%, explained by the representative of the Judicial Department.