U.S. Bank found seven Parallels with the financial crisis of 2008

Analysts at us investment Bank Jefferies found that at least seven indicators that reflect current market sentiment has returned to levels of the financial crisis of 2008, the newspaper writes Business Insider.

First, the market indicator of investor optimism developed by the consulting company Investors Intelligence has reached -14, the worst since March 2009;

Secondly, the ratio of the yields offered by companies in the sector of public services, and performance of firms included in the S&P 500 index, which brings together the largest U.S. public companies in terms of capitalization, returned to the lows of 2008;

Thirdly, on the American markets was recorded more annual minima than in 2008 and 2009;

Fourth, the difference between the dividend yield of the companies included in the S&P index and the yield on 10-year US Treasury approached the values shown in 2008 and 2009;

Fifth, only 15% of companies listed on the new York stock exchange, closed with prices above their moving average price over 200 days, which is the lowest level since the period before 2008 and after 2011;

Sixthly, compared with the period before 2009 and after 2011 has reached the maximum number of executives buying shares of their own business against those who sell such securities;

Seventh, debt obligations with high yield is perceived as the most risky from the period 2008-2009, according to the difference in yield that investors demand when purchasing these securities.

Jefferies analysts stress that their study is 2016, not 2008, but Business Insider notes that too many indicators point to the minima of W the last ten years.

In January billionaire George Soros have said that the current situation on the financial markets reminds him of the 2008 crisis. According to him, the search is China a new model of growth and devaluation of the yuan affect the rest of the world. The investor added that the return to positive interest rates has become a problem for developing countries.