Users have learned to break the iPhone introduction date

A bug in the software iOS, used in devices from Apple, and identified the users who reported it on the support page. They complain that mobile phones, tablets and media players stop working when changing settings the date and time on January 1, 1970.

According to users, attempts to restore the device using iTunes does not work. Some of them recommended to include non-working device to an official Apple repair service with a copy of the receipt for the purchase.

According to The Guardian, a fault detected on mobile phones iPhone, iPad tablets and iPod Touch media players that use 64-bit processors running operating systems, iOS 8 and iOS 9. The publication lists specific device models, on which the error is fixed. This iPhone 5S and older model, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and the sixth generation iPod Touch 2015 model year and newer.

The manually entered date of 1 January 1970 is technically laborious, writes The Guardian, explaining that the attackers can automatically set this date on the devices connected to the network, for example when using free wireless networks.

The Guardian advises users not to experiment with setting that date. The publication notes that Apple said that deal with this problem.

In early February, users began to complain about the appearance of the “error 53”, which disables the iPhone 6. According to The Guardian, the operating system disables the device, if it detects that they have been repaired unlicensed Apple masters. The problem came, according to the newspaper, after downloading the latest software version iOS 9.

The representative of the Australian Commission for competition and consumer protection told The Guardian that the regulator is going to ask Apple urgent explanation in connection with the “error 53”. He explained that if the company intentionally built the option to disable the phone in case of unauthorized repair, it may constitute an attempt to restrict competition.