Abramovich will build in his London mansion pool for £28 million

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich plans to build in his London mansion, an underground complex with a swimming pool worth £28 million, writes The Times. The cost of the home is estimated at £125 million, the newspaper notes. The businessman has received permission from local authorities to redevelop, says The Mirror.

The redevelopment will include the construction of a basement swimming pool, sauna and steam room. The billionaire and his wife Daria Zhukova argue that the design of the complex was inspired by the Victorian sewer system and the tile on the City Hall subway station in new York, writes The Times.

The nineteenth-century mansion in West London, located in the street of Kensington Palace gardens, known as “billionaire’s row”, Abramovich bought in 2009. Earlier, The Times wrote that in the mansion 15 bedrooms, and it features a large garden. But the pool located in the house itself Abramovic called “the void”. Estate agents claim that the basement can increase your home value by 20%, but Abramovich, according to The Times, decided to make alterations rather for aesthetic reasons. “Not only that, the pool is too small to afford a comfortable sailing, it has low ceilings and no daylight”, — quotes The Times quote from the statement the billionaire sent to the authorities of Kensington and Chelsea regulating the redevelopment of historic buildings.

Last year, the authorities tightened the rules for redevelopment of the cellars. Over the past five years, they got 800 the relevant applications and about 10% of them were rejected, The Times noted.

Last summer, the billionaire has already filed an application for redevelopment of the basement of his mansion, but then the local authorities had refused him.