“Deadpool” broke the record for fees “Star wars” three days of hire in Russia

The film “Deadpool” produced by 20th Century Fox for the three-day show in Russia collected $12.4 million in box office receipts (about 985,7 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on 13 February), beating the record of the painting “Star wars: the force Awakening”, released the movie company Disney. This writes The Hollywood Reporter.

In the U.S., “Deadpool” has collected $135 million in three days is one of the best indicators for all the movies about superheroes, the newspaper notes. After four days of hire, an account of which will appear in the Monday, the box office receipts are expected to amount to at least $150 million.

Another $125 million was collected during the screening of the film in 61 countries, including in Russia. Record donations have also been recorded in Australia ($10 million) and Taiwan ($8.3 million).

In its first weekend in Russia “Deadpool” will gather 860-870 million rubles, predicts “Booker’s Bulletin”. The seventh episode of “Star wars” during the same period, collected 809,8 million rubles.

Before the release of the movie 20th Century Fox held a large-scale marketing campaign. For example, the main actor Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool costume sold food during the most popular sporting events in the United States — the match for the super bowl in American football. In addition, the actor traveled to several countries with the presentation of the film. In Russia, he went on the TV show “Evening Urgant”, had a photo session on red square and joked about khachapuri at a press conference.

Director of marketing, “Twentieth century Fox Russia” Nikolay Voronkov explained that “Deadpool” showed the following results in Russia not only because of the active marketing campaign: “first, among the audience there was some fatigue from the views of traditional superhero stories, and “Deadpool” — their antipode, it is a very unusual character. In our view, it is close to the Russian audience, because he’s witty and irony overcomes all the difficulties that occur in his life. Probably, this is largely characteristic of our people. So is the character on the topic of the day”.

The film “Deadpool” has cost its creators a $58 million action Comedy directed by Tim Miller, loosely based on the Marvel comics, tells the story of a former special forces soldier who became a mercenary after the experiment on him had the ability to accelerate the healing.

The movie has a lot of foul language, violence and Nude scenes — because of all this she received in America, one of the strictest labels, R (children under 17 from watching a film accompanied by a parent), and in Russia — 18+. In America “Deadpool” broke the record for first weekend among films with the marking R.

The film was highly appreciated by the audience and critics. According to the website Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates reviews and evaluations of films, he received 84% positive feedback.