Died former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali died today at 94-m to year of life, said, opening the regular meeting of the UN Security Council, security Council Secretary Rafael Dario Ramirez carreño.

According to the Egyptian publication “al-Ahram”, Boutros-Ghali died in hospital in Cairo. The members of the Security Council paid tribute to the memory of the former UN Secretary-General minute of silence.

Boutros-Ghali had taken the place of UN Secretary-General on 1 January 1992, and prior to his appointment, Boutros-Ghali had been Deputy Prime Minister of the government of Egypt and was in charge of international relations.

The sixth Chapter of the UN became the first representative of Africa in this post. In his opening speech, he thanked the General Assembly for giving Africa “to serve the international community”. Boutros-Ghali also noted that he sees in the fact of his election, a sign of special respect to Egypt and the recognition of the important role of this country in the international arena.

Head of the UN, Boutros-Ghali made the concept of “peace” with the participation of all conflicting parties. In may 1992 the Secretary General has demanded from the authorities of Yugoslavia cessation intervention in the events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the withdrawal from Bosnia of the Yugoslav people’s Army. And already on 30 may 1992 the Security Council voted for sanctions against Yugoslavia in which members of the UN were forbidden any type of trade with Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav use of ships and aircraft, all financial transactions with individuals and legal persons from the former Yugoslavia, and the Yugoslav currency funds abroad were frozen.

In 1994 Boutros-Ghali was trying to make a decision on military intervention of the UN in Rwanda to stop the civil war. In 1996, Boutros-Ghali announced his intention to run for a second term, but the US has imposed on its nomination, veto, and the new head of the UN was elected the representative of Ghana — Kofi Annan.

In his farewell speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations Boutros-Ghali said that for five years, “the first thing he thought, woke up this morning” was true to the ideals of the UN Charter. The outgoing NATO Secretary General said that the main characteristic of the heads of the UN should be independence.

“You can’t think that the person holding this post, is under the influence of fear or trying to provide services to one state or group of States. If that happens, the UN will lose prospects,” said Boutros-Ghali.

After retirement Boutros-Ghali criticized some of the UN initiatives, including in Iraq.