LUKOIL estimated the possible rise in gasoline prices due to higher excise duties

The expected increase in excise duties on diesel from 1 April will add to the price of 2 thousand rubles. per ton, or about 2 rubles. per liter. This was reported to journalists by the Vice-President of LUKOIL for refining Vladimir Nekrasov, the correspondent .

To increase fuel excise taxes by 2 rubles per liter of gasoline and 1 RUB. per liter of diesel fuel in early February suggested that the Ministry of Finance. On the preparation of the bill told the clerk and confirmed by the official representative of the Ministry.

Later, on February 10, this anti-crisis measure was approved by the government Commission on legislative activities. The interviewee said that the increase is to increase revenues to reduce its deficit due to the fall in oil prices.

The price increase, as expected, will allow the budget to receive additional income amounting to 89.3 billion rubles.

On Tuesday, the government submitted to the state Duma a bill to raise excise taxes on gasoline of different grades, diesel fuel and middle distillates. The text of the document published in the electronic database of the state Duma.

Excise duties it is proposed to raise and straight-run gasoline. This will help reduce the illegal production of gasoline and to prevent the creation of schemes on evasion from payment of excise duties from the sale of diesel fuel under the guise of middle distillates, according to the government.

In the case of the adoption of the bill the cost of the excise duty on petrol fifth grade will increase to 10,13 thousand rubles per ton, on diesel fuel — up to of 5.29 thousand rubles per ton. Rate of excise duty on petrol below the fifth grade will be increased to 13.1 per thousand.

As noted by the head of the control of the fuel and energy complex of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Dmitry Makhonin, any increase in excise taxes will once again lead to growth of cost of oil products, FAS opposes this measure.

The increase in rates on fuel, which if approved, will be the second for the year. From 1 January the rate of gasoline “Euro-5” has increased by 36.1%, or 2 rubles., up to 7,53 rubles per liter, and for diesel fuel — by 20.3%, to 4.15 rubles. per liter.