Media: heads of regions came in last in the ranking of literacy of Russian officials

MOSCOW, February 16. Heads of regions took the last place in the ranking of literacy of Russian officials, the same were deemed competent Federal Ministers. The rating, compiled by the State Institute of Russian language. A. S. Pushkin and the Ministry of communications, published “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

In the course of analysis, the officials were divided into four categories: Federal Ministers, State Duma deputies, heads of regions and heads of municipalities. State Duma deputies took second place in the rating on the third – to the heads of municipalities.

The basis for the analysis of public speeches of officials, the newspaper said. According to the authors of the study, the speech of newsmakers takes about half the airtime of television and radio and is including, “a guide to ordinary citizens from the point of view of observance of norms of the Russian language”, and also serves as a literacy of power in General.

As the authors of the rating, the specificity of oral language were taken into account. For example, in calculation did not undertake an explicit reservation, a moderate use of words-parasites, or “nonsmooth” the construction of sentences and the use of professional jargon. Error was considered only beyond doubt violations of the lexical and grammatical norms of the Russian literary language.

In General, these government officials competent enough, due to the high social status of the speakers, summarize the study’s authors.