Media: the contract Alexey Miller, “Gazprom” will be extended for another five years

MOSCOW, February 16. The contract Alexey Miller led Gazprom, will be extended for another five years. As reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” several sources familiar with the situation, the government approved a Directive to the state representatives in the Board of Directors “Gazprom” according to which the term of the contract with the Chairman of the Board of the company Miller will be extended for another five years.

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Thus, notes the edition, the contract with Miller, who led the world’s largest natural gas company for the last 15 years, will be extended until may 2021. He is going to bypass the life tenure not only of other leaders of state-owned companies, but also their predecessors in “Gazprom” and the Ministry of gas industry of the USSR.

According to the newspaper’s source in the Kremlin, have agreed with the presidential administration, but “it’s just a formality”.

In Gazprom declined to comment in advance of the respective meeting of the Board of Directors, contact the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has failed.