Oksana Dmitrieva party will help entrepreneurs get seats in the Duma

From the socialist-revolutionaries to the right

Presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov, who came from the “Fair Russia” the Deputy of the state Duma Oksana Dmitriev has agreed to go on the Duma elections this fall, one of the informal coalition. About this they have told themselves. The basis for the coalition will be the party of “just cause”, which will hold a Congress on February 29, and it will change its name and leadership, said Dmitriev. Titov had previously announced the intention to establish on the basis of “just cause” the party of entrepreneurs and lead her to the lower chamber. Dmitriev – the leader of the “Party professionals” and informal groups in the state Duma, which includes the post from “just Russia” deputies Ivan Grachev (spouse Dmitrieva and former head of energy Committee), Andrey Krutov and Natalia Petukhova. Also, according to Dmitrieva, it cooperates with the independent group of deputies of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg headed by Maksim Reznik.

Negotiations about coalition creation were completed at the meeting, Titov and Dmitrieva on Monday evening, says the source surrounded by Titov. Resolved that the Congress on February 29, Titov will head the party, and Dmitrieva will be included in the top “three” electoral list and go from the party in the state Duma on one of one-mandatory districts of St. Petersburg, said the source. In addition, from the party in the state Duma will ballot the members of the informal group Dmitrieva in the Duma. Dmitriev confirmed this information, adding that just go from party in the constituency, and will head its list in the elections to the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. However, she stressed that neither she nor her colleagues will not join the party, so the cooperation and is called a coalition. Formal coalitions in the Russian legislation does not exist.

According to the source in the apparatus of the business Ombudsman, Dmitrieva will be responsible in the party for the social unit. She said that she sees her function is to broaden the electoral base of the party entrepreneurs to the whole active and thinking part of the population. “It must reflect the interests of the democratic layers, which can be called the creative class,” – says Dmitriev. Earlier the source in the apparatus Titov said that the party should reflect the views of the vast majority of businessmen, will say that “Crimea – our”, but to criticize the government.

Why Dmitrieva went to the party Titova

Dmitrieva – Deputy of the state Duma of all convocations. In the 1990s she was elected from the “Yabloko”, where he was expelled for a short-lived government of Sergei Kiriyenko in 1998. Then she created the “Party of enterprise development”, which was included in the OVR. He had Dmitriyeva nominated in single-mandate constituency in 1999, but was then an independent MP. In 2007 came in “Fair Russia”, where he became Chairman of the faction, and then received the post of first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on the budget.

Unclear was the prospects Dmitrieva last year. In March, the socialist-revolutionaries after the inner-party conflict, removed her from the post of Chairman of the St. Petersburg branch, citing the fact that she spent the illegitimate party conference in one of the districts of the city. Had Dmitriyeva called the decision a “defeat” of the office, who, according to her, initiated the party’s Federal leadership. After that, she left the party. After her “Fair Russia” left Grachev, Krutov and Petukhov. Party leader Sergey Mironov called their care “purification” of the party. “We exclude those who walked under our slogans, assumed liabilities, and now ignores these obligations, we don’t like along the way,” – said Mironov. At the same time Grachev’s dismissal from office the Chairman of the Committee on energy and Dmitriev – the post of Chairman of the budget Committee.

After that Dmitriev has created a “Party professionals” and tried to enter a coalition with parties that are licensed to state Duma elections. In particular, it held negotiations with “Civil force”, but at the end of this year, the political strategist Andrey Bogdanov has declared about the unification of this force with the Communist party of social justice. After that Dmitriev was unable to form a coalition with that power. The emergence of Dmitrieva in the party Titova logical, because she already headed the “Party of enterprise development”, said the source close to the negotiations. Dmitrieva says that it’s important for her to be in the party of “economic patriotism and social democracy”.

Signal Poltavchenko

Dmitrieva in 1999 and 2003, he was elected to the Duma via single-mandate district in St. Petersburg. In 2014 she was trying to participate in elections of the Governor of the Northern capital, but are unable to collect a sufficient number of signatures of municipal deputies in his support (this is a prerequisite for voting). Itself Dmitriev was accused of difficulties in the collection of signatures of the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, who, according to her, are you afraid of competition from her.

Now Dmitrieva is unlikely to encounter difficulty in advance, as in the presidential administration approve its participation in the elections from the party Titova, says a source close to the Kremlin. According to him, this decision was the result of the confrontation of different large financial-industrial groups of St. Petersburg, some of which support the current Governor, and other interested in an alternative in the elections of the Duma took part his opponent, claims the source.

Part of the elites in St. Petersburg and in the Kremlin are interested in constantly raising the threat Poltavchenko, said political analyst Valery Khomyakov. “In this sense, the nomination Dmitrieva is a signal to the Governor and the opportunity to periodically pull down”, – said the expert. This hamster believes that thanks Dmitrieva party will look more independent from the Kremlin and thus can attract more of the opposition electorate. In General, while the prospects of the party Titova to overcome the barrier of 5% are not clear, but due to such mandate, as Dmitriyev, his party may get some seats in Parliament, the expert adds.