Owners of “Gorbushkin yard” was interested in buying Bashneft

Owners of “Gorbushkin yard” Alexey and Yuri Hominy interested in buying shares in oil company Bashneft in case of its privatization, writes Forbes with reference to some bankers who are familiar with their plans.

Hominy previously conducted numerous transactions in the oil industry, writes the edition, which assesses the value of their oil assets in a $450-550 million, Among them transactions in the oil market referred to as the acquisition of the company “the polar lights” in ConocoPhillips and Rosneft for about $150-200 million, “Negusneft” from Leonid Lebedev for $150-200 million. in addition, they became owners of the company “Dulisma” for $27 million, Exillon Energy and “ireljahneft”.

Earlier in February, Reuters reported that LUKOIL claims to participate in the privatization of “Bashneft”. Agency sources said that LUKOIL has informed the Russian government about the interest in the privatization of the company “Bashneft”.

The scheme of privatization of oil companies — “Rosneft” and “Bashneft” — will be discussed at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 16 February, said two sources in the government.

Who are Hominy

Oil, banks, and cosmetics

Father and son Yuri and Alexei Hominy avoid publicity, is only known about some of the assets controlled by them. For example, since 2012 they own the oil company “Dulisma”. At the end of 2013 Alexei Khotin has acquired 30% registered in the Isle of man oil company Exillon Energy. Managers associated with Hodinami companies three years ago for 6 billion rubles bought the Bank “Ugra” (32nd place on the list of assets in “Interfax-CEA”), wrote “Vedomosti”.

As wrote Forbes, Hominy came to Russia from Belarus in the mid 1990‑ies. Before to move to Moscow, they were engaged in cosmetic business: Yuri Hawtin was the one in charge “Belkosmex”. In Moscow, businessmen rented a shop on the territory of the meat plant. Mikoyan, where he established the production of household chemicals.

“Kings real estate”

In the real estate entrepreneurs were randomly: after the default in 1998, the meat processing plant went bankrupt, and Hominy could for a song get one of the shops, which were rented out. After this, they were targeted to acquire assets from companies on the verge of bankruptcy. As argued by Vedomosti, ordinary entrepreneurs to the scheme was the purchase of the shares of the company, then with the help of a number of trades they have changed top management. Moreover, the representatives of Hatinh sometimes come to the shareholders meeting in support of law enforcement agencies, wrote Forbes.

By the end of 2014 Hotiny took tenth place in the rating of Forbes “Kings of Russian real estate” with an annual rental income of $320 million According to the magazine, structures Hotiny now owns 1.34 million square metres of real estate — mainly offices of class B and below, most famous asset — the shopping center “Gorbushkin Dvor” metro “Bagrationovskaya” (35 thousand sq m). In October last year Hotiny bought a five-star hotel “Moscow” located near red square, in the structures of Suleiman Kerimov.